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PLEASE NOTE THIS MODIFICATION IS FOR 18+ ONLY AS IT CONTAINS NUDITY, though then again you shouldn't have the GTA: San Andreas if you...


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PLEASE NOTE THIS MODIFICATION IS FOR 18+ ONLY AS IT CONTAINS NUDITY, though then again you shouldn't have the GTA: San Andreas if you are under 18 since it is an 18+ Game in the UK and rated M in the USA (and similar in other countries).

Here are two Holla Back Girl skins that can replace any of the pedestrians of your choice, one of these has clothes while the other has no clothes (i didn't upload a picture of the latter for the reasons above). Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files that this will replace just incase either this modification doesn't work on your computer or you do not like this mod. Please also note that IMG Tool V2 is required for this modifcation to Function.

Required Files

IMG Tool V2

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Download 'holla_back_girl.zip' (877KB)


Holla Back Girl version .1 beta


Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas (replace a ped of your 
choice with this new model)

Included in zip file:
 - readme.txt
 - promo1.jpg
 - promo2.jpg
 - holla_back.dff
 - streetclothes.txd
 - noclothes.txd


You can PM me on gtaforums.com
or email me at: [email protected]

- Kam (big thanks for his export scripts! -- without which, you'd 
  not be able to use this mod)

- gtaforums.com (various help here and there!)


Required Items:

IMG editor


1. -Back up your gta3.img file!
2. -Extract the files from this zip into a suitable folder
3. -Create copies of holla_back.dff for each ped you would like to 
    replace (for example, if you want to replace the 3rd lapdancer 
    in the stripclubs you would create a copy of holla_back.dff and 
    re-name it: vhfyst3.dff if you wanted to replace Denise, you 
    would create 2 copies of holla_back.dff and re-name them: 
    gangrl1.dff and gangrl3.dff---one for outdoors and one for, 
    ahem, "indoors")

    *Note* Included are 2 .txd files, 1 is for outside and the 
           other is for "lounging around the house" or working at a 
           club. Choose the appropriate usage and follow the same
           procedure as you did for the .dff files.

4. -Open gta3.img (with your IMG editor of choice)
5. -Replace the original files ("ped-you-want-to-change".dff and 
    "ped-you-want-to-change".txd with the copies you just made. 
    (don't add. REPLACE)
6. -Rebuild the gta3.img file
7. -Run the game


Known Issues:

This beta version has the following quirks:

 -in terms of SA space, this model is slightly off in height above 
  ground level and distance to the "right side" when centered on 
 -some animations affect the mesh poorly (similar to Rockstar's 
 -texturing has not been fully completed (i.e., hands, feet, arms), 
  but a base has been established
 -texture size is 1024X1024 (big for detail), so you may want to 
  resize if you have a perceived slow down in gameplay


Technical Support:

There will be no technical support. If the readme.txt file is not 
sufficient, perhaps a search on gtaforums.com will help you. 
Additionally, you could post your question for forum help.




No responsibility will be taken for any "bad stuff" that happens to 
your game/computer as a result of this modification. You download 
and install this modification at your own risk, and in doing so,
you have confirmed that you are of legal age to run GTA:SA in the 
first place.

All original and composed textures and models in this modification 
remain property of the sources respective owners.

You MAY distribute this ZIP in any not-for-profit electronic format 
(BBS, Internet, CD, etc) as long as you contact me first and 
include all files, including this readme, intact in the original 


Special thanks: 
Kam for his wonderful scripts. 
Delfi and his TXD Workshop and GGMM. 
Spooky and his IMG Tools.
The whole GTA Community.
And, of course, Rockstar for their great games.

Copyright Ā© 2005 ~ justa_newbie

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