Hydra Mech

Here is the Hydra Mech, a detailed and well made mech? that can either replace the hydra or any other aircraft of your choice within GTA San...


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Here is the Hydra Mech, a detailed and well made mech? that can either replace the hydra or any other aircraft of your choice within GTA San Andreas. This modification is very different, and a recommended download. Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files just in case you either do not like this modification or it messes up your computer.

Required Files IMG Tool V2

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Download 'mikemods_hydramech.rar' (1.62MB)

You have downloaded this model either from gtaforums.com or gta-downloads.com
Hydra-Mech-Beta Ver.  First of it's kind in a GTA Game
By MIKEMODS Creations (c) 2006

Details: Fully tested with awesome results.
Weapons function but slightly a little off(due to engine) but who cares it works!
Custom collision file completely redone.
Detail Textures and finishing touches will be on the final release including smoothing+shading.
Time spend: About 5 days and a half. Most of it was on troubleshooting( A Modder's headache)

Please! Backup your original Hydra.Txd and Hydra.DFF before proceeding
By using IMG.2.0 or Spark tool, Add my files and rebuid.

 Terms of Use

By downloading this Mod you agree to the following terms
of use:

 - This MOD is FREEWARE and may be distributed ONLY via the
   Internet for FREE with my permission only.  Under NO circumstances may this MOD
   be sold for a profit nor be included as part of another MOD or
   CD-ROM compilation.  If you wish to include this MOD for
   FREE distribution on your Web Site, please  include all of the 
    original READ ME .TXT supplied with this Mod.  For
   the latest releases and updates for this and other MODS,
   check my Web Site at http://www.geocities.com/pcguytech_2005.

 - You may NOT rename, edit, or create any alternate variations of
   this MOD.

 - This MOD  comes "as is" with NO warranty whatsoever.
   MIKEMODS accepts NO responsibility for any damages or loss of
   any kind due to the use of this MOD.  The use of this
   MOD is solely your responsibility -- you use this MOD
    at your own risk.

I'm not affiliated with Rockstar Games nor Take 2 Interactive.
Thank you for downloading this MOD and enjoy!

About me:
Computer expert by day, Modeler when theirs free time.
pcguytech_2005 and MIKEMODS are one in the same.

Spooky and Illspirit for IMG 2.0 Tool- GTAForums.com

Gtatools.com for the amazing software that is TXD Worksop

Oleg for one of the best 3D programs that is ZModeler 2- Build 8.10

And last but n0t least Bolthouse for the Ultimate Unwrap 3D

without these tools we wouldn't be able to create nothing.
Have any suggestions for a new project you would like to see? drop me an e-mail.
©2006 MIKEMODS CREATIONS -- http://www.geocities.com/pcguytech_2005

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