Inside the San Fierro Garage

Here is a modification showing the inside of San Fierro Garage. This modificaton will give CJ a car with his name on the Licence plate, and...


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Here is a modification showing the inside of San Fierro Garage. This modificaton will give CJ a car with his name on the Licence plate, and will allow you to go into your girlfriends houses, along with the garage within San Fierro in GTA San Andreas.

Please note that this file will overwrite your "Main.scm" file, it is highly recommended that you back up this file and any other files to save yourself from having to reinstalling the game.

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...::: inside the San Fierro Garage and extras just for fun :::...

Author : Flip

                     ..:: Installing ::..

replace the main.scm in #GTA San andreas/data/scriptwith the one
in this file but make a backup of the one your replacing first

                     ..:: Uninstalling ::..

replace the main.scm with the backup

                     ..:: Included Stuff Brief version ::..

this mod gives CJ a car with his name on the licence plate,
lets you go into your girlfriends houses and the garage in
san fierro

                     ..:: Included Stuff Full version ::..

This includes a lot of mods mostly written by me but 2 of them
by Bob Ghengis Khan and opius

Helicopter Magnet - No Idea
	all heavy heli's have the helicopter magnet

Chinook lock - By Bob Ghengis Khan
	it alows you to Lock a car in the back of the Chinook
	Get the chinook at
	it requires the GGMM to be installed (this mod does not require 
	the chinook its just required for the chinook lock)

No more wanted levels- by me
	you can turn wanted levels on and off by pressing the button for yes

Opened up (based on SANGA by Opius)
	the roadblocks are removed and you no longer get wanted levels for going
	to the other islands
	all building are open from the start
	i did not include most of the things included in SANGA
	you now start with the san fierro garage

Interiors - by me
	you can now break in to all your girlfriends houses by standing at their front door
	you can access the san fierro garage's inside by walking over to the door and
	the save point is now inside
	when you are in the at400 press horn to be trasported inside (its actually the 
	andromeda's insides but that freezes every now and then so i used the at400 instead)
	beware if you stand too close to the open end of the plane you will be sent flying out
	of it so pick up the paracute before you try this or you might have a bad landing
	all homies you have will follow you into all these interiors (it doesn't work for the
	all diners and other places you take your girlfriend to eat can be entered at all times

Car Spawns and CJ's new car - by me
	CJ now owns a blue turismo that spawns at all major save points with the licence
	plate "CJ 1"
	all cars that spawn after completing a mission spawn there from the begining
	including the hydra and rhino in grove street
	all car spawns with locked door are now unlocked
	there are several new car spawns that i'm not going to tell you the location of
	so you will have to look for them yourself the cars included are:
	a hotring racer, a sandking and a swat tank (they are really easy to find)
	the swat tank is probably the hardest so just think where would the cops put it
	and you should find it

Extra wanted level - by me
	no you do not get a seven star wanted level but after a while you will be hunted by 
	another police vehicle effectively giving you a larger wanted level (requires a six star
	to become active)


                   ..:: Known Glitches ::..

Thanks to Rockstar Helena's house is very glitchy there are invisible
walls all over the place
there is also another glitch with unknown causes:
sometimes when you leave helena's house you will suddenly be falling
into the ocean from a very high height
a lot of things in some interiors are not solid


                   ..:: Legal mumbo-jumbo ::..

I cannot take responsibility if this mod crashes your game,
damages your computer or otherwise harms you or your property
(although i can't see how it can). This mod is the result of
my hard work, so please, do not redistribute it or you will be
sued for all the money you have. Emails of bugs, congratulations,
naked girls and so forth are welcomed at [email protected]
or PM me at filefront forums (Flip12909).

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