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Here is a weapons modification that will replace most if not all of the weapons within GTA: San Andreas, this mod includes higher resolution...


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Here is a weapons modification that will replace most if not all of the weapons within GTA: San Andreas, this mod includes higher resolution versions of the same weapons that are more detailed and are also very well made. All of these weapons are equally as detailed as one another, however these may cause slower computers to slow down a bit (because of the slower fps) as these weapons are more detailed.

This modification comes as two different install methods, one as manually via IMG Tool V2 and another via the San Andreas Mod Installer. Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files just in case either you do not like this modification or it meses up your game.

Required Files IMG Tool V2


San Andreas Mod Installer

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Download 'jma13.zip' (1.44MB)

JARRA MONO ARSENAL v1.3 for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas by Commando Funebrero

	You will need San Andreas Mod Installer (http://www.sanandreasmodinstaller.com)
	1)Double click on Jarra_Mono_Arsenal.sami and follow the steps.

	You will need IMG Tool 2.0 (you can find it at www.GTAGarage.com)

	1) Run IMG Tool and open GTA:SA Directory/models/gta3.img
	2) FIND ak47.txd, EXTRACT it somewhere to save it as backup. Now REPLACE it for the ak47.txd included in this zip
	3) Repeat Step 2) for:  - ak47.dff
				- chromegun.dff		- chromegun.txd
				- clot45.dff		- clot45.txd
				- cuntgun.dff		- cuntgun.txd
				- desert_eagle.dff	- desert_eagle.txd
				- flame.dff			- flame.txd
				- grenade.dff		- grenade.txd
				- heatseek.dff		- heatseek.txd
				- m4.dff			- m4.txd
				- micro_uzi.dff		- micro_uzi.txd
				- minigun.dff		- minigun.txd
				- molotov.dff		- molotov.txd
				- mp5lng.dff		- mp5lng.txd
				- rocketla.dff		- rocketla.txd
				- sawnoff.dff		- sawnoff.txd
				- shotgspa.dff		- shotgspa.txd
				- silenced.dff		- silenced.txd
				- sniper.dff		- sniper.txd
				- tec9.dff			- tec9.txd
	4) Close IMG Tool

	--- Optional: for giving the weapons more realistic rates of fire ---
	5) Rename GTA:SA Directory/data/weapon.DAT into weapon_orig.DAT to save it as backup
	6) Place the weapon.DAT included in this zip inside GTA:SA Directory/data/

If any of the weapons still looks the same or looks completely white ingame, make sure you REPLACED all the files above
correctly (ADDING the files won't work withour REBUILDING the archive). If the problem remains, REBUILD the archive anyway.

Special thanks to:
	Oleg for ZModeler2 (www.zmodeler2.com)
	Delfi for San Andreas TXD Workshop & GXT Editor (www.gtatools.com)
	Spooky & Illspirit for IMG Tool 2.0 (www.gtagarage.com)
	Daalyman from Zmodeler2 Forums
	Dertyjerzian from Gta Forums
	cpmusick for creating SAMI
	Jarra Mono for existing (jarramono.codenamenetwork.com)

v1.3: Fixed Stinger hud, replaced Sawn-off Shotgun with M1887.
v1.2: Added New Minigun.
v1.1: SMG not firing when crouching bug fixed.

Jarra Mono isnt in any way responsable for any catastrophic consecuences installing this modification may
or may not cause to your system, in any case blame yourself or God. Copyright Ā©2005 Jarra Mono.

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