KoRn: Untouchables T-Shirt



Here is a modification that will replace the White - T - Shirt at Binco within GTA San Andreas with that of a KoRn: Untouchables T- Shirt. This shirt is detailed and is highly recommended for those that like KoRn. To buy this T - Shirt you will need to purchase the White T - Shirt at binco (that might be a bit obvious though :))

Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files just in case either you do not like this modification or it meses up your game.

Required Files IMG Tool V2



-----------------------------------------                 KORN                     ---------------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------  ABOUT "T-SHIRT KORN: UNTOUCHABLES  --------------------------------------------

- This mod will replace the T-Shirt White at Binco to new KoRn T-Shirt 

-------------------------------------------------    TO INSTALL   -----------------------------------------------------------------

- Extract the contents of this rar to any directory you want

- Download IMGtool 2.0 from http://www.spooky.nildram.co.uk/imgtool20.zip

- Start IMGtool 2.0

- Click  File > Open and open player.img in your San Andreas models directory [gta sa/models/player.img]

- Search (F2)  tshirtwhite.txd, click the name, then click  "Commands > Extract" and extract the file to any place you want. (Backup) 

- Now press "Commands > Replace and select the file .txd in the .RAR Archive

- Press "File > Exit"

- Go into the game and find your shirt in your closet, or in a shop ^_^

- Have Fun!

-------------------------------------------------------    NOTE    -----------------------------------------------------------------

- Remember to make a backup file of your old tshirtwhite.txd file whit IMGTool 2.0

---------------------------------------------  PROBLEMS/QUESTIONS --------------------------------------------------------

- If You have any problems or questions send an e-mail to: [email protected]

                                   |          ALL RIGHT RESERVED BY --KORN-- (R)      |
                                   |                           [email protected]                         |

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