Man Utd, Liverpool and Barcelona Football Shirts

liverpoolbarca_and_manu_kits_for_gta_sa.zip —


although the red seems to be slightly out as the real version has a darker red. The next shirt is the Liverpool FC grey away shirt, which also looks fairly accurate although unfortunately the copy and pasting from the logo does show up slightly on the edges. The third and last shirt is the Manchester United Home Shirt for the last season (08/09), this shirt is fairly accurate although not perfect unfortunately as the Nike Tick and the Man Utd Logo is slightly too big for the scale of the shirt.All of the three shirts are very well made, although all of these do have some minor issues but still look very much like the real versions, although now all we need is some Manchester City Home shirts or Everton Shirts just to have some interesting gang wars! (Man Utd Fans Vs Man City Fans and Liverpool Fans Vs Everton Fans) that would add some thing to the game!Required FilesIMG Tool V2


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