Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas (V1.1.1)

Here is the Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas Version 1.1.1, this version will allow you to race against other people online using GTA San Andre...


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Here is the Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas Version 1.1.1, this version will allow you to race against other people online using GTA San Andreas. Unfortunately the current version will only allow you to race vehicles as you cannot exit them while playing online. Also as this is a beta version there may be bugs present in the gameplay that haven't been fixed as of yet.

The mod itself includes three power up modes including Nitrous, Repair and Vehicle change. There are also three types of map that can be played including Free Roam where people can drive around with no traffic or police to bother you, war / dogfight where players swarm in military vehicles (tanks or hydras) to battle one another. There is also the race mode where people can race one another.

Please note you will require a clean install of an unpatched San Andreas for this to function properly.

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Download '' (5.29MB)


Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas is the latest in a series of fan-created multiplayer modifications for the Grand Theft Auto games (PC versions only). This version currently only features a vehicle-only gameplay, this means you cannot exit any vehicles. (A totally new version with scripting support is currently in development. Keep checking the latest news.)

Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas (MTA:SA) is an external modification that loads itself into Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. MTA:SA is not a stand-alone application. This means you will need Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in order to play online with Multi Theft Auto.

Remember that the currently released MTA:SA is a beta version, which means it could crash or cause unexpected results. This also means you run it on your own risk; the authors of Multi Theft Auto are not liable for any damage caused by Multi Theft Auto.

For older versions, please head over to our main website
Before you start

Before you install Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas, first make sure that there are no modifications to GTA:SA installed. These will conflict with MTA. If you would like to keep your single player mods, you can create two installations by reinstalling San Andreas to a second folder on your hard drive.

Also make sure that you are running Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 and that your machine is capable of running the game in single player. Note that if you are running single player on the absolute minimum requirements, you will experience slowdowns in MTA as it takes up extra processing power.

Note: MTA:SA will only work on GTA:SA v1.0. This means that if you have applied the “no more hot coffee” patch, you will need to reinstall GTA in order to play MTA. The patched versions will be supported in a later release.
Installing the game

   1. If you haven’t already, go to and download the MTA:SA client.
   2. Run the installer. You will be given an introductory dialog, then presented with the End User License Agreement (EULA). You must agree to this in order to continue installation.
   3. You will then be asked which components to install.

          * MTA Core interfaces with the game and is a required component.
          * MTA Race is the race mod and is a required component in order to play.
          * MTA Map Editor is used to create new races. This is an optional component. 
   4. You are then asked for a folder in which to install the mod. You must set this to the same folder that San Andreas is installed in. The default location is: C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\. Click the Install button to commence installation.
   5. When it finishes installing, you will be given the option to start MTA: San Andreas straight away. Choose your option and then press Finish. 

Running the game

   1. Start Multi Theft Auto by clicking the icon located in your Start Menu under MTA:San Andreas.
   2. GTA: San Andreas will start and once it is loaded, you will be presented with the MTA:SA main menu. Here you will find several options: 


Quick connect – this allows you to connect to a server that you already know the IP address and port of. This is useful if you know precisely which server you want to join so that you don’t need to scroll through the whole server list.

Browse servers – this allows you to receive a list of available servers to play on.

Map creator – this allows you to create your own maps, complete with checkpoints, ramps, pickups and other objects. These can then be uploaded onto a server so that you can play them with other people.

Settings – this allows you to change your in-game nickname.

About – this gives you a list of contributors to the project.

Quit – this returns you back to your Windows desktop.

The easiest way to play the game is to click Browse Servers on the menu. A new window will appear:

If servers have not appeared already, press the Refresh button and MTA will scan for servers, displaying them as a list.

    * Under the Name tab, each server's name is displayed.
    * Under the Players tab, the number of players and the maximum capacity of the server is displayed, in the format of [Used Slots] / [Maximum Slots].
    * The Ping tab displays the ping, or latency, between your machine and the server. Ping is a measure of the time it takes for "packets" of data to be received back from the server after sending them, so a higher ping means that you will experience more lag on that particular server. Generally, servers closest to your location should have the lowest pings.
    * The Host is the IP address of the server. You can use this address in future to connect to the same server via the Quick Connect option on the main menu. 

Each tab can be clicked to arrange the respective column in ascending or descending order.

For optimal performance and gameplay, look for the best balance between players and ping.

Once you have picked a server, select it and click the Connect button in the top right-hand corner of the dialog. If all goes well, you should connect to the server and automatically join the game. See Troubleshooting below if this does not happen.
How to Play

When you join most maps, you will spawn immediately and be able to play straight away or after a delay of a few seconds. Some maps, however, have respawning disabled and will place you in spectator mode. You cannot join these maps mid-game and when you die, you do not respawn. These maps generally follow a "last man standing" style of gameplay.

Spectator mode allows you to view players that are currently in the race. Press the left and right arrow keys to cycle through players. Press the 1, 2 and 3 keys to activate different camera modes.

When the race starts, you will spawn onto the map and be locked in position until the countdown has finished. The spawning vehicle is chosen by the person who created the race.

The race will finish when someone wins or when the time is up. Maps that have respawning disabled will end when all players are dead or someone wins. A player's status - whether he is dead or not - can be viewed on the player list by pressing the Tab key.

There are three types of maps:

    * Free Roam – in this mode, people generally do whatever they want to. They can drive together, fight each other or just drive around the map with no traffic or police to obstruct them.
    * War / dogfight – players spawn in military vehicles such as tanks or hydras and battle to the death.
    * Race – players compete with each other to be the first to cross the finish line. 

In Race mode you have to pass through checkpoints. These checkpoints will be illustrated as coloured “blips” on your radar. When you pass through one, the computer will play a sound to indicate that it registered the hit. You will follow the arrows on the checkpoint to the next one, where you will perform the same action. This continues until you reach the end of the race.

The number of checkpoints remaining is displayed in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, along with your race time.

If you happen to drown or blow up whilst racing, you will be placed in spectator mode until the next race. Your health is displayed in the top right-hand corner in a green bar. The blue bar indicates your current speed.

You can see other players’ health bars next to their nametags.

There are three power-ups available:

Nitro – This equips the player's car with a nitrogen module that can be activated by pressing the alternate fire button. This gives the vehicle a temporary speed boost by bringing it up to its maximum speed. This cannot be used with boats, bikes, motorbikes or aeroplanes.

Repair – This restores full health to vehicles, preventing them from exploding.

Vehicle change – this changes the player’s current vehicle to one specified by the race designer. The vehicle name is listed above the pickup. Vehicle changes can also be added to checkpoints so that vehicles change as players pass through them.

In-Game Keys

    * F5 - Console
    * F11 - Take a screenshot
    * T - Chat
    * ~ (tilde) or F8 - Console
    * TAB - Player List 

Spectator Mode Keys

    * 1 - Camera mode one
    * 2 - Camera mode two
    * 3 - Camera mode three
    * LEFT ARROW - Change to previous racer
    * RIGHT ARROW - Change to next racer 

Voting Keys

    * F1 - Yes
    * F2 - No 

Console Commands

Press ~ (tilde) or F8 to access the console, then type a command followed by any neccessary parameters (if applicable) then press Enter.

    This displays a list of all races available on the server. See vote race below to find out how to vote for a race. 

vote race [race name]
    This initiates a vote for a race that you would like to play. This will give other players an option to vote Yes (F1) or No (F2). If there is a majority of Yes votes, the vote will pass and the new race will start. Typing vote race * (asterisk) starts a random race. 

    This kills you and puts you in spectator mode. 

nick [nickname] 
    This changes your nickname whilst in-game to whatever you specify in the parameters. 

msg [nickname] [message] or pm [nickname] [message] 
    This sends a private message to the person you specify in the [nickname] parameter. Only the person you specify can see the message. Both msg and pm perform the same function. 

quit or exit 
    This disconnects you from the server and returns you to the Windows desktop. Performs the same function as the Quit button on the main menu. 

    This displays the version number and copyright information for the software. 

    This displays the current time. 

    This disconnects you from the server and returns you to the main menu. 

say [text] 
    This enables you to continue talking to people in the chat box whilst the console is open. 

slap [nickname] 
    This is an old IRC command. For example, when you type /slap Player1 into the chat box, it will say "Player2 slapped Player1 around a bit with an old trout". It can be useful for attracting someone's attention. 

me [text] 
    This is another old IRC command. This outputs your nickname in front of the text you typed. For example, if your name was Player and you typed me runs, it would output "Player runs". 

ignore [nickname] 
    This will not display any text typed by the player you wish to ignore. To stop ignoring a player, type ignore [nickname] again. 

rcon_login [password] 
    This allows a player to log in as an administrator in order to access to administrative functions such as kicking and banning players whilst in-game. This requires the server to be configured for RCON access. 

rcon [command] [arguments] 
    This allows an admin who is logged into RCON (see rcon_login) to perform administrative functions within the server. These include kicking, banning and freezing players. 

Tip: You can use these commands in the chatbox by putting a / (forward slash) in front of them.

A list of console commands can be seen by typing help into the console and pressing Enter.

If you experience problems running MTA, check our Troubleshooting page.

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