Peel Regional Police 2008 Decals

peel_regional_police_newdecals.rar —


versions of the Car included for the Los Santos and San Fierro areas of the game, although these can replace any of the patrol cars in the game. The textures are highly detailed, well made and look fairly accurate when compared to the real life version of the car.The Textures include the reversed police name on the front of the car, a phone number on the side as well as a canadian flag on the rear of the car. This police car also has a fairly detailed interior with a metal section between the drivers section and rear seats obviously for the criminals. Highly recommended for those that want to see more Canadian police cars within the game.Please note that you will need IMG Tool V2 to install this modification. Also it is highly recommended that you backup any files just in case you don't like this modification as it will save you from having to reinstall the game.Required FilesIMG Tool V2


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