Peugeot 406 GTI

Here is a very nice, well made Peugeot 406 GTI, that includes an extra body kit. This will replace the Oceanic within GTA San Andreas. The c...


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Here is a very nice, well made Peugeot 406 GTI, that includes an extra body kit. This will replace the Oceanic within GTA San Andreas. The car is wider to give it a more meaty feel, the petrol cap will explode if shot, and modifications will be added to the car at any Transfender wheels. Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files just in case you do not like this modification or it messes up your game.

Required Files IMG Tool V2

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Download 'peugeot_406_by_jgem.rar' (767KB)

Peugeot 406 GTI !!!! SA convert By JGEM, member of the ASCENDENCE GTA crew ( VC MODEL BY Marshal*


Hello again, well i have another treat for you; the Peugeot 406 GTI with bodykit extra.  Kinda looks like the car from TAXI doesnt it??
Changes below:

So here you have it, the list of changes are as follows:

1) The car is now wider to give it a more meaty feel
2) The wheels are now wider, they do stick out a tad but i really like the look :P
3) The petrol / gas cap now explodes when shot - (shoot the right hand side cap not the left)
4) Spoilers can now be added
5) Vents can now be added - look to the side of the car !!!! - removed due to looking crap
6) Roof scoop can now be added
7) Hood scoop can now be added
8) Body kit extra
9) Completely re-textured including bodykit to fit the car
10) Wheels are now -1 which means you can add TRANSFENDER wheels to the car and they DONT look TOO thin !! - THX GREENGIANT
11) What you want another?  Get outta here !!! :)

If your a nooby YES you can replace any car - you dont have to replace the oceanic, simply rename the DFF and TXD to whatever car you want to replace

Config lines

oceanic, nto_b_tw, spl_b_bab_m, spl_b_bar_l, spl_b_bbr_l, spl_a_s_b, spl_c_s_b, spl_a_l_b, spl_c_l_b, spl_a_j_b, spl_c_j_b, bntl_b_ov, bntl_b_sq, bnt_b_sc_p_l, bnt_b_sc_l, bnt_b_sc_m, rf_b_sc_r

handling (choose your own but mine is as follows):
OCEANIC      1400.0    2725.3   1.5    0.0 0.0 -0.25 70  0.70 0.8  0.50 	5 360.0 60.0 10.0 4 P 	11.0  0.51 0 30.0  	1.2  0.19  0.0   0.25 -0.10 0.5  0.4		0.37 0.72 95000 	40002004	C04000		1  1	1

467, 	oceanic, 	oceanic, 	car, 		OCEANIC, 	OCEANIC, 	null,	normal,		10, 	0,	0,		-1, 0.74, 0.74,		0


Enjoy the car guys and if your looking for a good site to download modded cars for SA please check my teams website
here you'll find many up to date conversions and scratch built cars.  We also take requests and WILL implement changes to good looking cars if you want
them so long as you register and contribute to the site, we also allow you to showcase any mod restriction free.  The site is in the process of 
being populated and all of our mods will be uploaded VERY soon, so check back and you can enjoy all our dope cars !

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