Radio Free San Andreas

Here is a program that will extract all of the GTA San Andreas Music, sounds and Radio Stations from the GTA: SA PC DVD (this does NOT work...


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Here is a program that will extract all of the GTA San Andreas Music, sounds and Radio Stations from the GTA: SA PC DVD (this does NOT work with the PS2 Version of the DVD, however it might work with the XBOX version - which i couldn't test as i don't have it)

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=============== RADIO FREE SAN ANDREAS ===============

WINDOWS BUILD by Ondra Hosek
(with thanks to Dave Schmitt and Goetz Gressnich)

<white dot timberwolf at aon dot at>

Proving that even 15-year-olds can use MinGW and port
simple applications. ;-)

For global information, read README.txt.

To see the terms of the GNU General Public License,
read COPYING.txt.

You will either need a San Andreas DVD-ROM (RFSA works with the PC but not
with the PS2 version; the Xbox version hasn't been tested yet) or a SA full
installation on your hard drive.

Extract rfsaextract.exe, libeay32.dll and metadata-win32.conf out of the
archive into a directory of your choice.

Open up a Command Prompt and switch to the directory containing
"rfsaextract.exe" (type the drive letter and a colon, e.g. "c:" without the
quotes, to switch to another drive, then type "cd <directory>" to switch to
the directory you need). Type the following:

rfsaextract <data_files> <output_dir> metadata-win32.conf

Substitute "<data_files>" with the paths to the data files and "<output_dir>"
with the directory you want to extract the files into. (The output directory
must exist before you run rfsaextract.) Example of a valid command line that
extracts police chatter and beats into C:\temp:

rfsaextract D:\audio\STREAMS\AA D:\audio\STREAMS\BEATS C:\temp metadata-win32.conf

Give the program a while, after which you can start listening to the newly
exported Ogg Vorbis files with a player of your choice. (I recommend Winamp,
your mileage may vary.)

If you want to extract the audio that's in the files under "SFX"... well,
they're all raw mono audio streams in Signed 16-bit little-endian Intel PCM
format at about 20000 Hz (the rate may vary from clip to clip). Use an editor
such as Audacity ( to extract that.

That's all for extracting the audio! If you want to build RFSA, read

============================= LEGAL WARNING: =============================
Since I'm not the original author of the code -- except for minor edits --,
I can't give anybody the permission to redistribute Radio Free San Andreas
e.g. on the CD/DVD of a magazine before consulting the original authors.
You may distribute Radio Free San Andreas for free as long as you keep this
archive intact and include the source code.

If I receive the permission to give others permission, I will post it on
the website linked to at the top of this document.

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