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Here is a modification that will replace the License plates within GTA San Andreas with those of more accurate realistic versions from the r...


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File Description

Here is a modification that will replace the License plates within GTA San Andreas with those of more accurate realistic versions from the real life states that the cities within the game are based upon. There are two platebacks for California and one for Nevada. These number plates look far more realistic than the stock versions within San Andreas.

Required Files IMG Tool V2

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GTA SA Real License pack

First Release 12/06/08, by Zyonig.

Version 0.9





4x license plate files - nev1.bmp, cali2.bmp, cali3.bmp, calibonus.bmp
1x license plate text file - platecharset.bmp
1x photogallery
1x readme (this one!)



An accurate as possible representation of California/Nevada state license plates for 1992.

This file includes 4 plateback files.
1 Nevada Plate
3 California Plates 

This plate is the Big Horn/Sheep design. Features the Nevada State nickneme "THE SILVER STATE". Issued from 1983-2000.
The renewal sticker (top right) is self-made but entirely accurate in placement and design. This sticker has a september 1992 expiry date, 
six digit id number, is the correct year color (dark green) and has the letters NEVADA printed up the left side.

This plate is called the California embossed base. Simple design, red lettering "CALIFORNIA" printed at the top.
Probably the most common plate design encountered in 1992 California. Issued 1987-1994.
A real image was used for the 1992 expiry sticker in the top right. The month sticker (october) on the left is self made. 
Unable to find the exact typeface I have substituted with EUROSTILE and modified the shape and spacing slightly so the appearance 
is correct.

The iconic Golden State Base Plate. Issued 1982-1987. Californias first reflectorized plate (mandatory in 1987), replacing the Blue Base.
A rarer plate as it was only exclusive for a matter of months, the blue base was issued until 1986 and the embossed base was introduced in 1987.
The sticker details are the same as cali2 except the expiry date is December 1992.

4. CALI BONUS - CALIFORNIA (current license)
I have included this Script Base plate as a bonus. It first appeared in December 1993 and is still issued today.
Not for use if you want GTA:SA realism.



Step 1.
Create backups of the files to be replaced

Step 2. 
Re-name the files as you want them to appear in each city
Plateback1 = San Fierro
Plateback2 = La Venturas
Plateback3 = Los Santos

I recommend: Plateback1 - cali3, Plateback2 - nev1, plateback3 - cali2. But it's up to you.

Step 3.
Using TXD WORkSHOP replace the original files located at 
:San Andreasmodelsgenericvehicle.txd

Step 4.
Run game


Additional notes:

If you do not have TXD workshop, the newest version is available at
If you do not know how to replace the original files please use the tutorials available at 
(this readme is long enough without explaining that!)

You can host, post or distribute this file upon these conditions:
1. These files remains free
2. This readme file remains unmodified
3. I am credited with creating this

For further info or feedback contact Zyonig[at]

Replacement of any files in your computer is AT YOUR OWN RISK!
I will not be responsible for damages/losses resulting from the use of these files.

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