Real LA Gangs Replacement Mod

Here is a modification that will change all of the gangs within GTA San Andreas, with those from Gangs from the Los Angeles area. There are...


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Here is a modification that will change all of the gangs within GTA San Andreas, with those from Gangs from the Los Angeles area. There are sevearl other items included within this modification such as the Gas Mod, a "get high" mod, the possiblitiy of Robbing stores (not all of them though) and weapons are avalible from the start at the hideout.

This modification will also open up San Andreas completely so you won't need to complete it again just to explore using this modification. Unfortunately if you use the extras you won't be able to re-use your old saved games with this modification as this file includes a main.scm file which will cause your game to crash if you attempt to load a saved game.

Required Files IMG Tool V2

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Download 'real_lagangs_v1.rar' (3.37MB)

by B-Tray'D

Fast PC
non patched version of game(with out the cold coffie patch or w/e)

This Mod Contains many modifications.
Gangs are changed to Real LA gangs.
-Nor14(actually a N. CA gang but what ever)

-Gang vehicals changed
-Added colt texture and .dff
-Alot of stuff i forgot(i made this a year ago)

All can be used as the players gang. The mod is optimised to use Crips as the players gang, but choosing other gangs will only make some gang territories make less sense(crips in the vario for example). 

Just use a IMG editor to import all the models into your GTA3.img and place items from data folder into your data folder for the game. Also insert the pedgrp and cargrp file in the gang folder of the gang you choose to have as the player gang into the data folder also.

Also These require the optional Features be installed.
Put the two files in the Optional folder in you script folder. 
NOTE: you will need to start a new game if these are installed. (just save in hideout)
-Gas Mod
-Get high mod
-I customized gang territories
-Bus and 5 different vehicals appear at Start of game
-Open san andreas(every thing unlocked from start)
-Robbing stores is possible(only a few though)
-Gangs will roll DEEP, meaning there will be lots of gang members in certain territories.
-Weapons at hide out are there at the start.
-Burglary missions time allowed is very increased(i think)

I don't care if you modify and redistrubute this at all. Like i said there is possibly things i forgot i added and may haven taken out, so sorry if some features you like are missing.

If you have a suggestion or anything i can be contacted at

Comming soon in version 2
-New weapon sounds
-New weapons
-Real resteraunts
-Real beer bottles
-Coca cola and Pepsi pop machines.
-weapon Price and stats mods

(these are already done but im to lazy to upload them now.)

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