Sonic the Hedgehog Motorbike

Here is the Sonic the Hedgehog Motorbike, an interesting modification that will allow you to ride on Sonic the Hedgehogs back. An interestin...


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Here is the Sonic the Hedgehog Motorbike, an interesting modification that will allow you to ride on Sonic the Hedgehogs back. An interesting note is that his eyes will glow in the dark at night time. Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files just in case you either do not like this modification or it messes up your computer.

Required Files IMG Tool V2

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Download 'pickalini_sonicthehedgehog.rar' (414KB)

Sonic the Hedgehog Beta v. 1.0.
for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. 
brought to you by Pickalini ([email protected])

	Sonic finally realized that Dr. Robotnic is a bitch when compared to the thugs on the streets of San Andreas. 
So he's decided to team up with CJ to bust some caps it all their bitch asses. 


Now, first off this mod is to replace ONLY the Wayfarer motorcycle for GTA:SA. I'm not certain, but I'm pretty sure 
that it will not work perfectly replacing another motorcycle.

If you are too lazy to read most of this, which all of it is pretty important, I'll sum it up.
Beta01 (the wayfarer.dff) is the best BETA version. Install that one for best results, IMO. Bugs at the bottom, 
Must install over Wayfarer and must install BOTH handling lines. 

I have included 2 different versions. The first one, Beta01 is set up so that sonic doesnt move with the chassis, 
he moves with the wheels, and CJ moves around Sonic. I did this because other wise, as in Beta02, 
you will see that his legs stretch out when you brake and accelerate.
If you want more info on why i included both, scroll past the install info.

If you install w/ the GGMM, it may not install the handling correctly (it's a GGMM error), so you might just want to install
the handling lines yourself

If you are installing the mod manually, I HIGHLY recommend replacing the handling lines for the Wayfarer, if not it will
not handle anything like it's suppose to

Here are the handling lines.Thats the only configurations you need to change.

first part
WAYFARER	1250.0	2000.0	2.25	0.0	0.0	0.00	103	2.5	2.5	0.5	4	190.0	40.0	6.0	R	E	15.0	0.5	1	35.0	0.65	0.10	0.0	0.15	-0.2	0.5	0.0	0.0	0.2	75000	41002000	4700003	1	1	8

second part
!	WAYFARER	0.00	0.00	0.00	0.01	1.0	1.0	0.00	1.75	1.25	0.1	75.0	-75.0	-0.006	0.2	0.05

Then just install the wayfarer.dff file (no txd needed) with either GGMM or IMG Tool. To install the second one manually, 
just rename the BETA02wayfarer.dff to wayfarer.dff, then install that.

**READ THIS, it helps. Now, here are a couple driving tips, because Sonic handles like NOTHING else in SA.

Sonic turns corners very sharply, and has excelent traction, on all surfaces wheter wet, dry, dirt, or sand. So there won't
be much of a change in handling when changing surfaces.
But Sonic is meant to travel at high speeds with ease, which causes poor low speed drivability. So keep it easy on the
acceleration and turning.
***Also, this is a big one. DO NOT use the regular brake to slow down. It is a million times better to use the emergency
brake. This stops Sonic from rolling forward while stopping. And if you think you might be too fast for a turn, 
tap the e-brake slgithy right before the turn, then turn right into it, and it should work fine.

Now this is the Beta error section. Here are a list of all the errors so far. From major, to minor. Check w/ these before
telling me about bugs you find, please.

When you crash fast into walls, or objects, the front end gets stuck. When you exist Sonic, you fall into grey hell.

-CJ twitches slightly while driving.

-Sonic leans back and forth too much, especially under braking and acceleration.  

-The tips of the shoes go into the ground.

Now i included two for a reason. 
In the first one, my favorite, The body of Sonic is part of the rear forks, so his body moves w/ the suspension. But that
means that CJ just moves around Sonic. Which looks kind of weird. Buuuuut....

As in the Beta02 version, you'll se that CJ moves with Sonics upper body, but his legs stay on the ground, and move w/
the suspension. That makes the legs look like they separate from the body, and Sonic does roll up in the air more, due to 
the front wheel being so far out. 

So in the first, CJ just looks a little weird while moving
And in the Second, Sonic's legs look crappy because they pop out.
So which should i give or take, I'll leave that up to you for now. But I like the first one alot better.

I guess thats about it. If you have any comments, you can leave them at my site ( 
or email me @ [email protected]

Now for credits.
I do not claim any ownership or rights to any of the meshes used in this mod. The Sonic model is made by Sega for their video
game Sonic Heroes, which I also included in the file. All other parts not made by me are original Rockstar GTA:SA Wayfarer parts.
If you would like to put this mod on your site, all i really ask for is to give me credit for converting this to SA. And if
you could be kind enough, email me letting me know you are. 
If you want to mod this than let me know also, although the files are locked, so you shouldn't be in them anyways ;).
Any questions/comments email me at [email protected] Or contact me at my website >

And keep an eye out for "Miles" Tails the Fox as a helicopter, coming soon for SA!

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