Submarine Dinghy



Here is the Submarine Dinghy, a detailed and well made boat that will replace the dinghy within GTA San Andreas. Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files just in case you either do not like this modification or it messes up your computer.

Required Files IMG Tool V2



This mod will replace information in your handling.cfg file your dinghy.dff file and your dinghy.txd file. So before we start, back up those files incase you want to revert back to the original dinghy, without having to 
reinstall your game.

Before starting make sure that your entire gta San Andreas folder and all of it’s files inside are not set to read only or gta img edit will not work.


To Install

First: Use img edit (included in this mod created by Spooky and Illspirt) to open your gta3.img file (after making all the files in the GTA folder non read only) Then delete dinghy.dff and dinghy.txd and add in the new dinghy.dff and dinghy.txd and click rebuild archive and close..

Second: open your handling.cfg file in you San Andreas data folder with notepad. 

Then replace the first dinghy line of data With this line of data

DINGHY        800.0    1483.3   1.0    0.0 1.5 0.0   98.5  3.50 3.5  1.00 	5 190.0 1.2  5.0  R P 	0.07  0.01 0 30.0  	1.0  4.5   0.0   3.50  0.1  0.7  0.0		0.2  0.12  5000 	8000400		0			0  1	0

then save and close.
(or just copy the included handling file included inplace of your old one located in your San Andreas/Data folder.)


This is a Switch Designs mod
Created by Switch Designs.

If you plan on hosting this file
please keep my original Readme intact.
Please don't change or modify this 
mod in any way without my permission. 

This mod file must always link back to 
my email at [email protected]

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