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Here is a modification that will make it so that CJ can fly ingame, as well as have the ability to push vehicles away, as well as contolling...


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Here is a modification that will make it so that CJ can fly ingame, as well as have the ability to push vehicles away, as well as contolling vehicles by moving the vehicle in front of you. Also included is an ability to control time and a personal transporter.

controls are simple: forward, right, backwards and left are used for steering while flying. present controls guide: MAIN MENU SUBTITLES ON/OFF- activate or deactivate SCJ mod (always) JUMP + CONVERSATION_NO - take off (onground and only when no obstacles like ceiling directly above player's head) JUMP + CONVERSATION_YES - personal teleporter (when flying/running/swimming/diving) CONVERSATION_NO - increase power: speed up (when flying/running/swimming/diving) CONVERSATION_YES - decrease power: slow down (when flying/running/swimming/diving) GROUP_CTRL_FORWARD - toggle flying animations (when flying) JUMP - toggle the force push (only while flying) NEXT_WEAPON - activate the force sphere (only when onground) PREVIOUS_WEAPON - control vehicle (onground only) *NEXT_WEAPON - when controling veh it uses it as before to spread destruction, lets also veh to follow you when you are flying (flying/running/swimming/diving) SPRINT - stop to fly, period of 3 seconds granted then player gains flying ability again. (only while in mid-air) FIRE + CONVERSATION_NO - activate the impact time (flying/running/swimming/diving) FIRE + CONVERSATION_YES - deactivate the impact time (flying/running/swimming/diving)

the powers: 0. FLYING - basic power that lets you fly whenever you want. the power energy will not regenerate when flying as flying costs some energy. 1. TAKE OFF - launches player immidiatelly in air. works on ground. 2. FORCE PUSH - pushes away all ground vehicles when flying really low. works in air. 3. FORCE SPHERE - pushes away all ground vehicles around player. works on ground. 4. VEHICLE CONTROL - lets player to use force in order to control near vehicle (in front of player). vehicle can be simply held in air or used as a conductor of destruction. works on ground and in air. 5. IMPACT TIME - ability to control time around player. aditionally unique never seen before ability: player stays detached from time rules for short period of time so his actions are not slown down in time. this power consumes from your power metter. as you power metter shrinks the time control becomes weaker and the time speeds up to normal level slowly. 6. PERSONAL TELEPORTER - ability to warp SCJ with speed of light for short distances. Destination has to be placed on map using right mouse button (PLAYER TARGET). costs SCJ a bit of his energy.

few worlds: take off is easy just find some at least 6 meters high building and jump. hitting the ground buildings or whatsoever hurts. another way to take off is to use JUMP + ANSWER_NO so you will be automatically launched in air. first bar is your power energy metter. energy metter deplates when you use powers and regenerates when you do not. note that energy metter will not regenerate while flying. second bar is your speed power. when you increase it you increase speed of all your actions including fight speed, swimming speed or boarding time.

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Download '' (1.2MB)


unzip file directly into your game directory (just where the exe file is) or:
use below listed files
main.scm     [copy it into your game DATA/SCRIPT  directory] necessary
script.img   [copy it into your game DATA/SCRIPT  directory] necessary*

do not forget to backup your original files!

* - not when you have used my previous mod

start a new game, you old save games are never compactibile with any kind of scm mods.

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2 years ago by DZ KAKAROTTO

cool mod but i need it as a cleo not a main.scm please


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