Tails "Miles" the Fox Beta

Here is Tails "Miles" the Fox Beta, an interesting modification that can either replace the maverick or any other aircraft of your choice...


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Here is Tails "Miles" the Fox Beta, an interesting modification that can either replace the maverick or any other aircraft of your choice within GTA San Andreas. This mod will allow you to fly tails, and it is highly recommended for Sonic fans. Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files just in case you either do not like this modification or it messes up your computer.

Required Files IMG Tool V2


GTA Garage Manager

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Download 'pickalini_tailsthefox.rar' (559KB)

Tails "Miles" the Fox Beta v. 1.0.
for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. 
brought to you by Pickalini (pickalini@excite.com)

	Of course, just like when the first Sonic game was released for Sega Genesis, his sidekick Tails came to his side,
and there's nothing different in SA. Finally Tails is here to help CJ at capping some bitches. And you all know who came after
Tails... stay tuned for him!

Now this one isn't as complicated as Sonic was. I only only recommend the Maverick helicopter to replace this over, 
I haven't tried the beta version with any other helicopter.

Just install the maverick.dff (again no texture, just Zmod2 coloring). And install
these handling lines. They aren't too important, but I like it like this more.

First Line
MAVERICK	2500.0	6041.7	0.2	0.0	0.0	-0.1	75	0.65	0.9	0.5	1	250.0	50.0	5.0	4	P	5.0	0.45	0	30.0	2.0	0.1	0.0	0.50	-0.20	0.5	0.0	0.30	0.50	25000	2004000	400000	0	1	0

Second Line
$	MAVERICK	0.60	1.0	-0.002	0.02	0.01	0.003	2.0	0.0030	2.0	0.7	0.004	0.2	1.0	0.2	0.998	0.980	0.980	0.990	1.0	1.0	10.0


Now this is the Beta error section. Here are a list of all the errors so far. From major, to minor. Check w/ these before
telling me about bugs you find, please.

-Tails right pointer finger sticks through CJ's arm.

-Hand aren't positioned around CJ's shoulder good.

Now for credits.
I do not claim any ownership or rights to any of the meshes used in this mod. The Tails model is made by Sega for their video
game Sonic Heroes, which I also included in the file. All other parts not made by me are original Rockstar GTA:SA Maverick parts.
If you would like to put this mod on your site, all i really ask for is to give me credit for converting this to SA. And if
you could be kind enough, email me letting me know you are. 
If you want to mod this than let me know also, although the files are locked, so you shouldn't be in them anyways ;).
Any questions/comments email me at pickalini@excite.com. Or contact me at my website > gta.deemarauctions.com

And keep an eye out for Knuckles The Echinda, coming soon for SA!

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