Total wheel replacement for SA

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Here is a modification that will replace all of the wheels within GTA: San Andreas with those of a more detailed textures. There are at least 15 new textures included within this modification, all of which are more detailed than that of the stock versions. The pictures below are only a sample of the wheel textures included within this modificaiton.

Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files just in case either you do not like this modification or it meses up your game.

Required Files IMG Tool V2




Total wheel replacement for SA v. 1.0

by Ducati996

All rights to the models in this pack remain with the author. Please respect that and ask for permission if you want to use any of this stuff!!!
If you want to host it, then go ahead, credit me and don't alter the .rar archive in any way. Mod-Theft is lame! Don't support it!


Most models were created from scratch in 3dsmax. Textures are all done in photoshop. 1 Wheel has been converted over from VC. some wheels come with extra
textures that can be changed with txdworkshop. The extra textures have to be downloaded separately due to the filesize...

Please don't email or PM me with questions about how to use this mod, or telling me the wheels are too big or wide or whatever.
I tested it thoroughly, and it's all fairly simple, if you take time to read my explanation at the bottom of this document (Installation instructions).


Polycount for the wheels is between 1200 - 2700 triangles per wheel, so I guess it's not too bad.



All Lowrider wheels are based on my own imagination...

wheel_lr1	=	Classic		=	80 spoke Dayton knockoff			(2068 polies)
wheel_lr2	=	Dollar		=	100 spoke Gold wheel				(2290 polies)
wheel_lr3	=	Twist		=	60 spoke twisted Silver				(xxx polies)
wheel_lr4	=	Wires		=	120 spoke experiment				(xxx polies)
wheel_lr5	=	Trance		=	Cutter imaginary wheel				(2725 polies)

wheel_sr1	=	Cutter		=	HRE Performance knockoff			(2113 polies)
wheel_sr2	=	Rimshine	=	BBS knockoff					(2583 polies)
wheel_sr3	=	Mega		=	69' Vette knockoff				(1530 polies)
wheel_sr4	=	Grove		=	Hartge Classic BMW wheel			(3036 polies)
wheel_sr5	=	Switch		=	SLR Concept knockoff				(1883 polies)
wheel_sr6	=	Shadow		=	American Racing Tuning wheel			(xxx polies)

wheel_gn1	=	Import		=	68' Vette knockoff				(1570 polies)
wheel_gn2	=	Atomic		=	Truck imaginary wheel				(1578 polies)
wheel_gn3	=	Ahab		=	Muscle Tuning					(2098 polies)
wheel_gn4	=	Virtual		=	Ford GT Concept knockoff			(1296 polies)
wheel_gn5	=	Access		=	Torque Thrust II				(1763 polies)!!!

wheel_or1	=	OffRoad		=	Offroad imaginary wheel				(2498 polies)

some of the wheels come with alternative textures or some even with extra .dff's so you can use the wheel as a different one...

you need txdworkshop in order to change textures of a certain wheel...


Explanations and Installation instructions...:


 - You need to open gta3.img with IMGtool v 2.0

 - Delete all the files named wheel_*.* as listed above... you will only find one .dff file for each wheel. (e.g. wheel_gn1.dff)

 - Then add all the files from the folder 0_final from my archive ... each wheel has 2 files. I am not working with vehicle.txd...
   Rockstar wheels use the vehicle.txd as texture archive... i didn't want to do that, so I provide the .txd separate for each wheel,
   therefore you need to change veh_mods.dat so the wheels work properly in game... see below...

 - After you added all the files, rebuild the archive and then close IMGTool.


 - Now you need to edit veh_mods.dat which is located in your data\maps\veh_mods folder. You will find an entry in there for each wheel...
   change "vehicle" into wheel_*.* for each entry... 

   e.g. old: wheel_gn1, vehicle, ...

        new: wheel_gn1, wheel_gn1, ...

that's about it for adding the wheels.




Now I guess it's all down to each car you wanna mod... not all cars will be moddable with those wheels,
only the ones that are setup properly... here's how it goes...:


In handling.cfg in the second handling flag... I will not be explaining how handling flags are defined... basically the flags read from back 
to front, or right to left... so last number is the 1st digit...!!! the 3rd and 4th digit can decide whether the wheels are normal, narrow or wide. The 
7th digit will tell the game whether it's a lowrider, a streetracer or transfender car.

e.g. 4004401 (2nd handling flag: 7th digit is 4 = streetracer, 3rd and 4th digit are 4 = wheels front and rear wide, the rest is down to you...)


you can setup wheels for a specific car in vehicles.ide, last four numbers...: 

e.g. -1, 0.7, 0.72,    0 (0 = transfender / 1 = wheelarchangels / 2 = locolow / -1 = wheels not moddable)

First number: -1 = original wheel is not scalable... only the modded wheels can be scaled and you can use the values for the wheelsize to rise or sink 
the car model in game. -1 is the best setup, and what Rockstar uses too... with 0 and 1, you can try to... the wheels are then scalable... but the mod 
wheels will get hard to match...!!


In carmods.dat and shopping.dat you can decide which wheel is available in which shop... here's how it goes:

carmods.dat at the very end has got 3 lines, one starting with 0 =, one with 1 = and one with 2 =. This is the first part that defines which wheel is
available in which shop... but you need shopping.dat too...

e.g. 0 = wheel_gn1, wheel_gn2, wheel_gn3, wheel_gn4, wheel_gn5, wheel_or1, wheel_lr1, wheel_sr1 (this is transfenders... all those wheels should then 
be available in that shop)

shopping.dat has also got the same sort of entry... at the very end... for each shop... you have to alter that accordingly too:

	section carmod1 # Normal Cars			This is also the Transfender entry... compare the wheel entries...!!!
	type CarMods
		item bnt_b_sc_l		
		item bnt_b_sc_m		
		item bnt_b_sc_p_l		
		item bnt_b_sc_p_m		
		item bntl_b_ov		
		item bntl_b_sq		
		item exh_b_l			
		item exh_b_m					
		item exh_b_s					
		item exh_b_t		
		item exh_b_ts				
		item lgt_b_rspt		     
		item lgt_b_sspt
		item nto_b_s				
		item nto_b_l		   							
		item nto_b_tw   			
		item rf_b_sc_r  			 
		item spl_b_bab_m			
		item spl_b_bar_l			
		item spl_b_bar_m				
		item spl_b_bbb_m			
		item spl_b_bbr_l				
		item spl_b_bbr_m					
		item spl_b_mab_m				
		item spl_b_mar_m
		item wg_l_b_ssk
		item wg_r_b_ssk
		item wheel_gn1
		item wheel_gn2
		item wheel_gn3
		item wheel_gn4
		item wheel_gn5
		item wheel_or1
		item wheel_lr1
		item wheel_sr1
		item stereo
		item hydralics


End of Cartuning manual... hope you read it and get it...


Thanks, hope you all like it!!!

Feedback and Comments are always welcome...

Copyright by Ducati996, 23.11.2005


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