Transfender Overhaul



This is the release of the Transfender overhaul that adds new rims, and spoilers. It removes some of the standard stuff unfortnautly, and it also keeps some of the more expensive stuff in so you need alot of money (or a trainer) to get the best of this mod, but some damn fine designs for Transfender here. Well worth the download!



To install this(these) mod(s), just put the files in your GTA San Andreas>data folder, 
and back up the old ones, just in case they don't work.

There is an optional carcols.dat file with this mod that updates some
of the duplicated colors in the garage, and makes them better,
more vibrant colors.  This is completely optional, but if you want
to get the cooler paint jobs on the cars, then I would suggest adding
this file also.  This also includes my Transfender Fix, which makes almost
any car able to go into Transfender, but I STILL haven't found out how 
to make you able to buy wheels on those cars.  That will hopefully be my
next thing that I release.

BETA 0.5
Fixed some cars with too many parts, removed some spoilers from cars where they didn't
"work" correclty on the car (floating looking, etc.)
BETA 0.3
Tampa now has spoilers
BETA 0.2
Mod first tested/released

This mod was made by OffRoader23, you may modify this, but if you want to modify
and release it, please ask my consent first.

[email protected]
[email protected]

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