Here is another UFO, this time a UFO with an Interior including a windows xp computer!. This UFO will either replace the sea sparrow or any...


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Here is another UFO, this time a UFO with an Interior including a windows xp computer!. This UFO will either replace the sea sparrow or any other aircraft of your choice within GTA San Andreas. Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files just in case you either do not like this modification or it messes up your computer.

Required Files IMG Tool V2

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Download 'mikemods_ufo.rar' (1.13MB)

By MIKEMODS Creations (c) 2006 

Proceed at your own risk, I take no responsibility.

Please! Backup your original seaspar.Txd and seaspar.DFF before installing....
By using IMG.2.0 or Spark tool,delete then Add my files and rebuid.

 Terms of Use

You may do as you please with this mod I spend too much time on it and have other projects waiting, If you wish to make it better go! ahead just please give credit to where it's due and also a link would be appreciated. 
You can always find me at the www.gtaforums.com if you don't get a quick response thru e-mail.

Known Bugs: None really just the fact that the player model will walk thru things. 
Easy Fix: A Custom Col is needed that's about it. You can do it manually or with the use of the new col maker tool (google).

About me:
Computer Field Tech by day, Modeler when theirs free time by night or days off.
pcguytech_2005 and MIKEMODS Creations are one in the same.
I'm  Not Associated with Rockstar Games nor Take Two Interactive.     (I wish)

Rockstar Games/Take Two Interactive- We love you!

Spooky and Illspirit for IMG 2.0 Tool- GTAForums.com

Gtatools.com for the amazing software that is TXD Worksop

Oleg for one of the best 3D programs that is ZModeler 2- Build 8.10

And last but n0t least Bolthouse for the Ultimate Unwrap 3D ( formerly known as LithUnwwrap 1.3) 

without these tools we wouldn't be able to create anything or dream about it?.
Have any suggestions for a new project you would like to see? drop me an e-mail.

©2006 MIKEMODS CREATIONS -- http://www.geocities.com/pcguytech_2005

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