Unlimited Mod V1.0

Here is the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Unlimited Mod V1.0. This mod changes the physics of all road vehicles to a more realistic behaviou...


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Here is the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Unlimited Mod V1.0. This mod changes the physics of all road vehicles to a more realistic behaviour. The Car Traffic is more varied depending on where you are in San Andreas. There are a lot more changes(Readme) that have been made to make GTA : SA more realistic in several ways along with a greater chance of seeing Rare Vehicles.

Overall this is a highly recommended download.

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Download 'unlimited.zip' (940KB)

--- Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - Unlimited Mod V1.0 ---

-Installation Instructions:
Simply copy the "data" , "models" and the stream.ini to "....Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas" directory and     overwrite the previous files.

I advise that you make a backup of the original files wich are listed below:

I have included the original files for you, just in case.

--- Mod Contents ---

-The physics of all road vehicles have been changed to a more realistic behaviour
-Traffic is much more varied with vehicles that resemble the location you are at
-The amount of cars that spawn on the road has been increased slightly
-Rare vehicles have been modified so that they show up more often
-95% of all cars can be modded at Transfender, including bikes **
-Various clothing and weapon prices have been changed
-Many new colours added for 90% of all vehicles
-Changed player stats to be more realistic
-Draw Distance has been doubled
-Several small tweaks applied
-I have also included a handy map to help you get around San Andreas.
There seems to be a bug in the Transfender tuning shop in San Fierro and Las Venturas that causes the player to get     stuck inside the garage after they have tuned a bike. I have tried to fix this but i couldn't find the cause. My advice is      to not tune any bikes in the Transfender shop in San Fierro and Las Venturas. I will try and fix this as soon as i can. I    apologize for any inconvenience.

--- School Fixes ---
I have included a fix for the Bike and Driving schools. Since i have made many vehicle behaviour changes it is very  likely that some tests become very difficult or even impossible. If that happens use the file for the school you are at.  Copy it to your San Andreas/data folder and overwrite the previous Handling.cfg file.When you have completed the  test(s) put the original Handling.cfg (in the data folder) file that came with this mod back to your San Andreas/data  folder. 

--- Credits ---
Thanks to OffRoader23 and Blue Zircon for their mods that showed me how to modify many aspects of this game.
Thanks to Brad Brooks for his incredible GTA SA Ultimate Editor
Without their efforts this wouldn't have been possible. Do note that their mods have not been used in this mod. 
All modifications have been done by me personally.

--- Contact ---
Have any questions or tips?
Contact me at: nasadus@gmail.com  

Copyright © Nasadus 2005

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