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Here is a modification that will allow you to change the level of the water or sea level in GTA San Andreas. This will allow you to have a f...


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Here is a modification that will allow you to change the level of the water or sea level in GTA San Andreas. This will allow you to have a flooded city area or even an empty ocean if you feel like it. You can choose from various options that will also change the size of the tidal waves in the game. The program also gives you several examples of water levels to for example flood grove street, or even the entire map.

The appears to be a small glitch, if you put the water level at a very high level you will be able to walk and drive as normal in the streets. (This file might be fairly old but it isn't currently avaliable on the site and is highly recommended for anyone who wants to see flooded streets)

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Download 'waterlevelcustomiser.rar' (382KB)

GTA: San Andreas Waterlevel editor

Ever wanted to swim down the Las Venturas strip?
Ever wanted to have a high speed cop chase through San Fierro in a speeder?

If yes then this is the file for you!

This file will allow you to raise or lower the water level in san andreas. Also you can add waves far bigger than
rockstar intended!

1) Run the application

2) select the water level and wave height (its pretty much self explanatory)

3) play san andreas

You can't change the water level while playing san andreas

If you make the water extreme (I.E water level 1000 wave height 5) the hud will show up but everything else will be dark
if this happens swim quick and hope your going upwards. However if you load the game from an outside save point then you
will be able to walk around underwater and never drown if this happens use a jetpack and just fly up out of the water.

This application may mess up some water levels for example the water behind the sherman damn will be the same as the 
water level everywhere else. 

Water level 0.0 floods: hunter quarry, the underground section of LS airport and a part of the field at the farm near

as far as i know you cant set the water level behind the sherman dam to normal again.

I think someone called Edison Carter originaly made this file.
I didn't have anything to do with the creation of this file and so cannot help if anything goes wrong.
I am uploading this to www.gta.filefront.com because it is not already on the site.
I apologise if the original creator (possibly Edison Carter) of this file did not want it to be spread around but if you didnt you should of included
a readme with a warning.

 I didnt have anything to do with this so dont moan to me if it goes wrong.
 I don't mind if you distribute this via CD or any other storge media. however don't try and sell it for money because thats 
 morally wrong and you will go to hell if you do.

Original file by Edison Carter
Readme and screens by sam2d2 ;) 
Add me as a contact on msn if you need help sammydempster(64)[at]hotmail.com (dont use brackets i just put those in to stop spam email!)

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