Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Two Files removed due to Mod Theft

The following files have been removed due to theft by Stratos93, I have been contacted by the original authors of these mods informing me of his actions. Also to add to this Stratos93 has been banned permanently for this. Let this be a lesson to anyone that steals files and claims them to be their own, you will be banned for it. http://grandtheftauto.file...


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Knight Rider Car Pack Removed - Theft

Due to theft by naga_magno, this car pack has been removed as no permission was given for it to be hosted on the filefront site by the original author (who wasn't credited at all by the person who submitted it) The following file has been removed.;89330


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Two Files Removed (Wooden Old Garage and Concessionaria)

The following files have been removed due to containing imagery showing Nazi symbols and a salute to Hitler is also shown in these pictures. These files have been removed for two reasons, firstly due to several complaints about the images and that these types of images are against the rules of filefront.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Removal of the Hot Coffee Mod

The Hot Coffee Modification has been removed from the GTA Site Permanently, due to the following reasons: Its high level of adult contents, namely pornography, which is against the rules of FileFront, and has caused some members to not visit this site anymore. Also there were several comments suggesting that this file should be removed due to the nature o...