Give San Andreas modern graphics with this amazing pair of mods

It's been 14 years since I wrote my initial review of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for FileFront, as we were known at the time, and here I ...

0 6 years ago
GTA SA Multiplayer: A tale of hard knocks

The Grand Theft Auto series is favored by many - most notably for its sandbox-style play that enables you to create your own narrative withi...

0 16 years ago
MTA:SA Christmas Teaser Video

We just released a Christmas teaser video showcasing some exciting new features in Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas Deathmatch. You can get it ...

0 17 years ago
MTA Update

The Multi Theft Auto mod team has announced that the administration system is ready to go. Some of the new features: Ability to mute play...

0 18 years ago
CheatDevice Released for Liberty City Stories

You may remember we updated you on edisoncarter and his progress in Liberty City Stories, moreso the modification of save states and his pro...

0 18 years ago
Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas Update

The Multi Theft Auto website have put up some new media on their website, showing off the latest build (b10) of MTA:SA. We appear to be g...

0 18 years ago
Big features and new videos for Multi Theft Auto SA

Multi Theft Auto is arguably the best multiplayer modification for the Grand Theft Auto series ever produced. They have been at the forefron...

0 19 years ago
Grand Theft Auto : LVS

A team have started a new mod to put Liberty and Vice City into San Andreas. They are currently 15% done with bringing Vice City into Sa...

0 19 years ago
Hot Coffee mod Sparks Investiagtion by ESRB

The controversial Hot Coffee mod, that unlocks interactive sex scenes apparently pre-coded into San Andreas has sparked an investigation int...

0 19 years ago
Carl Johnson Voice Actor Interview

The The Social Crime crew has posted up some news which announces that they'll be having an online interview over their radio station with t...

0 19 years ago
San Andreas Realism Mod Announced

Want to make your mark on the state of San Andreas? With the new opensource project for San Andreas you can. The Realism Mod is small right ...

0 19 years ago
Multi Theft Auto San Andreas Video and Screnshots

The Multi Theft Auto team have released a brand new developmental video of San Andreas Multiplayer in action, showcasing the early stages of...

0 19 years ago
New MTA San Andreas Screenshots

The Multi Theft Auto team have released some new screenshots of MTA for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. [quote]Since San Andreas′s release...

0 19 years ago
San Andreas Multiplayer Update

The San Andreas Multiplayer Team (there website you can find at http://www.sa-mp.com/ ) have recently been quoted as saying [quote]I thin...

0 19 years ago
Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Unveiled

The Multi Theft Auto team have launched a new website for the San Andreas version of Multi Theft Auto. The site makes several statements, th...

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