News Details on Liberty City Stories

Some new information has emerged from the October issue of the Australian Official PlayStation 2 Magazine. There are no new screenshots in t...

0 19 years ago
Liberty City Stories Updates

Alright, Apparently, The October issue of PSM, has the final version of GTA:LCS, and the october issue will have some new news, Doesn't all ...

0 19 years ago
Gamespot Finds Hot Coffee

Gamespot.com may have blown gaming’s scandal-of-the-week wide open. Using nothing more than an Action Replay Max and codes posted on Kotaku....

0 19 years ago
Playstation Magazine with Liberty City Stories Updates

US Playstation Magazine has released a new issue with updated information on Liberty City Stories for the PSP, Sony's portable playstation c...

0 19 years ago
San Andreas PC Released in US Stores Early (NOW!)

All across the US of A, retailers have broken the street date for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for PC and stacked it on there shelves early...

0 19 years ago
San Andreas X-Box Preview at IGN

IGN Xbox has been updated with some nice new screenshots, articles (Good Life), covering some basic, and new features. Definitely worth a lo...

0 19 years ago
Part 2 of Gamespot's Q&A

Gamespot have now posted there seccond part to there GTA:SA Q&A and you can check out the seccond part of the Gamespot Q&A we posted about e...

0 19 years ago
New San Andreas Details

UK's PlayStation magazine has some interesting additions to the facts we know about what is possible in San Andreas. Here is what they repo...

0 19 years ago
Take-Two Registers 10 new Grand Theft Auto trademarks

There may be some titles for new GTA games that have just been registered. Dated January 12, 2004: [quote]While everyone else was runnin...

0 19 years ago
Grand Theft San Andreas new game title?

Looks like the new title of the game will be San Andreas. There are also some interesting hints from the US Patent office! Dated January 9...

0 19 years ago
New Evidence of GTA: Sin City / San Andreas

From our good old friends at IGN concerning possible names and dates for the next GTA game, dated January 5, 2004: [quote]It's not uncomm...

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