GTA Online Trainers blocked by US Judge

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Published by FileTrekker 3 months ago , last updated 3 months ago

Trainers for Grand Theft Auto games: love them or hate them, they’ve been around since the good old days of GTA III’s first PC release, and they’ll likely be around for a long time to come. In the past, they’ve been mostly harmless tools that only affect what has largely been a single player only franchise.

Unfortunately the same can’t be said for GTA Online, where two particular trainers, Menyoo and Absolute, have been causing problems on GTA Online, by allowing players to cheat and grief other players.

According to Reuters, US District Judge Louis Stratton has now granted an injunction against Georgia native David Zipperer, the creator of the two trainers. Rockstar Games allege that Zipperer has ignored repeated requests to cease and desist the development and sale of these tools, and as such the matter has now escalated to the courts.

Rockstar are looking for damages of up to $500,000 in the case, as well as looking to permanently shut the tools down, alleging that the tool has caused lost revenue due to players either being able to cheat their way into getting items they should not otherwise be able to, or more importantly, by putting players off the game by greifing.

The injunction means that Zipperer has to stop selling the tools, shutting down his revenue streams and limiting distribution of the trainers. It’s part of Rockstar’s commitment to deal with cheating within GTA Online, and issue that keeps coming back to the forefront and has been a complaint of many players in recent weeks.

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EDIT: This post will live here in memory of that time MejTxjpZNCb3cn9gxZuhRrw6Nw9LcO9mUdZpCukB.jpeg@Mikey ⁠  broke something and couldn't fix it. Rest In Pepperoni 2018

3 months ago by RadioactiveLobster

I use Menyoo all the time in single player. It doesn't cost anything and by default it disables the ability to go online.

This guy seems to be removing that check and then selling it. I don't think he's the original author of either trainer.