Coca-Cola Blimp

a09ace-Coca-Cola Blimp v1.0.rar —


This is a texture mod for the blimp by JohnnyWolf - the mod replaces the default texture with the CocaCola logo, and it looks pretty good! The logo is a little low res but this isn't an issue at most distances and the blimp does look great at a distance. Great mod for making the world more realistic and immersive.



This is only a texture mod made for me for personal use, but I want to share it. It isn't very good, but looks cute for me, so anyway. Take it please! 
You can edit it, but if you upload an edited version please give me credit for the original version! 

How to install: 
Just replace the files with the ones in this route using OpenIV. 
Remember to click on "Edit mode"! 


Backup file included. If you experience strong problems like the game crashing on loading screen replace the files you replaced with the backup ones. 

Known issues/bugs: 
None! Please report me if you find one!

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