GTA Vice City Stories - Trailer 4 added to the Site (PS2)

By Danny 17 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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The Most Recent Trailer for GTA Vice City Stories has been added to the GTA Site, this is the fourth trailer for the actual game but this time it is for the Sony Playstation 2 version. There are four versions included, two for quicktime and two for windows media player. GTA Vice City Stories was released yesterday for the United States and Canada. It will be released on the 9th March (Friday) in Europe. [u][b]Low Resolution Versions - 320 x 180[/b][/u] Windows Media Player - Low Resolution QuickTime - Low Resolution [u][b]Medium Resolution Versions - 480 x 270[/b][/u] Windows Media Player - Medium Resolution QuickTime - Medium Resolution

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