1950 Buick Custom

Here is a car that can replace any within GTA Vice City with that of a highly detailed 1950 Buick Custom. This car includes 4 different vers...


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Here is a car that can replace any within GTA Vice City with that of a highly detailed 1950 Buick Custom. This car includes 4 different versions all of which are show within the picture below, there are at least 3 colours including blue, yellow and red. To install this car you must rename all of the files to that of the car you want to replace (all must be the same (except all numbers), the best choice of car to replace this with is the Hermes

Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files just incase, either you do not like this modification or this messes up your game.

Required Files IMG Tool V2

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Download 'vc_1950_buick_custom.rar' (3.6MB)

Buick 1950 Custom (for Vice City) - Readme Version 1.0 (November 2005)

Original Author: HarLequiN (www.elmargrussling.com)

Working time: ca. 135 hrs.

Polycount: between 42000 and 51000 Polygons (depending on version; Damage and Distanceobject NOT counted!)

Betatesting: JACK RabbitZ; TommyXXLKnoch; The Wurst; Svenn; Ducati996; FUBAR (Muchos Gracias!!!)

Permission THX (for Textures): JACK RabbitZ; Son Coco; Ducati996

Other THX: Betatesting (look above) for testing :-) ; Woofi (for inspiration and priceless Tips&Tricks!); the whole GTA-Community (for support and asskissing... ;-))))) ); Daniel Buck (for some great tutorials etc.); www.cardomain.com (for countless referencephotos); Oleg (for his superb Z-Modeler!!!); Chrom & Flammen (this thing would have never become a reality without that mag!)

This car comes along with 4 different versions (look at the screens), 1 TXD File for 4 DFF Files; you have to rename the files into the car you want to replace!
Best choice (of course) is the Hermes, but you can replace every other car too (also 4 door cars!).
I strongly recommend using the collisionfile from the "Buick.col" file (use Steve-Ms Collision Editor, get it here: http://steve-m.com !).
You can get all Tools you'll need to replace a car at www.gta-action.com (also the tutorials) or on any other big gta-page. It's really not that complicated!

Even if my files aren't locked it doesn't mean that you can change and release them as you like! And in NO WAY do I want to find my mods released under another name!!!!! Building a 3D-Model of a car takes a whole lot of time and since I've got a BIG ego I want to be rightfully praised for the great work I do!!!!!! :-))))

Used programs:
-Zanoza Modeler V1.07b
-Zanoza Modeler V2.0.6
-Collision File Editor 1.1 Beta
-Collision File Maker 1.0
-Paint Shop Pro 7
-Paint Shop Pro 9
-Adobe Photoshop 7.0
-ACDSee 7.0
-TXD Builder
-Vice TXD
-XN View


0,10, 10,73, 35,60, 48,60, 50,0, 40,10, 73,72, 60,60

249,	1.000000

2500.0	2.00	6.50	1.50	0.00	0.00	0.00	70	1.00	0.50	0.51	5	250.00	30.00	R	P	3.50	0.60	0	40.00	1.00	0.05	0.36	0.10	50000	0.35	-0.20	0.50	0.00	103	1	3

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