1970's VW BUG

A nice 'peoples car' car here, the Volkswagon Beatle. This is one of the best cars made in the history of mankind, you should check out th...


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A nice 'peoples car' car here, the Volkswagon Beatle. This is one of the best cars made in the history of mankind, you should check out this file ;)

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Download 'vice_vw_bug.zip' (223KB)

			  1970's VW BUG
			For GTA:Vice City
			Created by _RicH_


You need DMagic1's wheel mod installed for this car to work.
( http://bellsouthpwp.net/d/m/dmagic1_/dmagic1wheelmod/ )

Next you will need a program for opening .IMG files, i use IMG tool.

Extract all the files from this zip into a new folder somewhere.

Open IMG tool (or whatever you prefer to use)

open \Grand Theft Auto Vice City\models\gta3.img

Add the idaho.dff and idaho.txd files from this zip.

delete the original files (should be the smaller of the two)

close IMG tool.

Now you will need a program for .COL (collision) files, i use COL IO ( http://www.infofeast.com/delfi/software.htm##col_io )
open this program, then open \Grand Theft Auto Vice City\models\coll\vehicles.col

on the left, find idaho and click on it.

at the bottom left, find 'replace'

and find the idaho.col that was included in this zip.

save it, then close COL IO.

Next comes the text files....

Open \Grand Theft Auto Vice City\data\defualt.ide with any text editor, like notepad.

find the line around half way thru the file that begins "131,	idaho,	idaho,	car,	IDAHO,"

select the whole line, and replace it with this:

131,	idaho,	idaho,	car,	IDAHO,	IDAHO,	null,	poorfamily,	10,	7,	0,	249,	0.760000

(just paste it over the top)

save the file.


Open \Grand Theft Auto Vice City\data\handling.cfg with any text editor, like notepad.

again, find a line beginning with IDAHO around half way down.

And replace it with this line:

IDAHO           1600.0 1.9 5.0 1.7 0.0 0.0  0.25 75  0.75 0.70 0.52 5 160.0 16.0 R P 6.2   0.55 0 30.0  1.0  0.10 0.28 0.44 20000 0.35 -0.17 0.5  0.5		200002		0  1

save it!

One last thing...

Open \Grand Theft Auto Vice City\data\carcols.dat with any text editor, like notepad

find the line that begins with IDAHO

select the whole line and replace it with:

idaho, 62,37, 78,38, 2,62, 14,87, 35,78, 6,78, 46,62, 73,78


Run the game and look for a classic icon of automotive history roaming the streets :)

Some Notes:

This car was made entirly by me, you can modify the car for personal use but DO NOT release a modofied version without asking my permission first!
If you wish to make something other then a mod, ie an installer/new sounds/handling line etc this is fine (but i would like to know about it).

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