1996 Chevrolet Corvette 06



Here is the 1996 Chevrolet Corvette 06, a detailed and well made car that will either replace the Banshee or any car of your choice within GTA Vice City. Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files just in case you either do not like this modification or it messes up your computer.

Required Files IMG Tool V2



Fist thing's first:

I did not make this car. I am in no way taking credit for making it.
All of the credit goes to Fivespeed. I only added a Vice City compatable

You need the "Magic Wheel Mod" for this car to work properly

Known bugs: The wheels are not perfectly lined up. When you drive,
the wheels don't spin perfectly


1.you need the img program. Download it,and install it.

2.Make sure your whole Vice City installation directory has 
the "read only" property removed.

3. Open GTA3.img with the img program.

4. Make backups for the car that this replaces. In this case, the 
Banshee.(I suggest extracting the original Banshee files to a backup

5. After you make the backups, open txd.img with the img tool, and
find banshee.txd. Delete it, and add the banshee.txd from the zip
file that you downloaded.

6. Open GTA3.img with the img tool. Find banshee.dff.Make a backup, Then Delete it,
and add the banshee.dff file from the zip file.

7.After making a backup of your carcols.dat file, replace the
banshee line with this:
banshee, 1,3, 3,1, 36,1, 6,3, 57,1, 10,71, 4,71, 71,1, 45,71, 2,1 5,1 

8. After making a backup of your handling.cfg, replace the banshee line with this:
BANSHEE        1400.0	2.00	4.50	1.20	0.00	0.00	-0.30	-1	1.10	0.84	0.53	5	285.00	45.00	R	P	11.10	0.52	0	34.00	3.00	0.18	0.40	0.49	45000	0.34	-0.12	0.50	0.30	1008183	1	1

9.After making a backup of your default.ide, replace the banshee line with this:
159,	banshee,	banshee,	car,	BANSHEE,	BANSHEE,	null,	executive,	10,	7,	0,	249,	0.750000

That's it.

This mod was converted for VicePC.com, and converted by
Ricardo Antonio Ruiz (aka: Zaku_II)
If you have any problems, post it on the forum at VicePC.com

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