2004 BMW 325ci Convertible VCM

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200inventions_clarkson.jpg When I was a lad, when people asked me what car did I want, I said the usual response that every child says...1965 Ford Mustang 2-Door Convertible...but that was basing my response on pure looks, if I was asked again, I'd say this BMW 325ci series convertible.

If you we're to try to assign a word to the looks of this car...you'd have to say...o. When you first see this car, you have to pince yourself just to make sure your not dreaming. Its that good looking, the textures and model are a fantastic mix of realism that is hard to achieve. The wonderful framework of this car, makes the Mustang, seem like a cardboard box...

But Remember, a car shouldn't rely only on looks, but it needs to handle itself like a Broadway Dancer.

2280051.jpg But this car doesn't do that, in fact, it handles itself about as well as a can of baked beens! Unless your going top speed it gives you all the hassle it can muster out from under its bonnet. But its not really that bad, in actual fact, it handles more like a real car than any other car I've driven, so you've got to ask yourself, are you aiming for realism or for just something to trash about in. If you want something to trash about in, this is the car for you.

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