2005 Thunderbolt



Here is the 2005 Thunderbolt that was created by Kitteh Motors, a very nice and detailed car that will replace the Idaho within GTA Vice City. This car includes Realistic Damage, Realistic Handling, 3d Grille, New steering wheel, as well as several 3D parts. Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files just in case you either do not like this modification or it messes up your computer.

Required Files IMG Tool V2



The 2005 Thunderbolt, from Kitteh Motors, is a two-door american roadster. With a 5.7 liter Hemi V8
and dashing good looks, the Thunderbolt is unstoppable.


	-Realistic Damage
	-Realistic Handling
	-3d Grille
	-New steering wheel
	-3d pedals
	-3d shifter
	-Semi-3d engine
	-3d chassis parts
	-3d suspension
	-3d hood ornament
	-3d exhaust pipe


Using GTA Mod Installer, select this zip and install it normally.

	HANDLING.CFG: 1700.0	1.90	5.00	1.70	0.00	0.00	0.25	75	0.85	0.79	0.52	5	240.00	25.00	R	P	7.00	0.55	1	30.00	2.25	0.19	0.28	0.44	20000	0.38	-0.13	0.50	0.50	200002	0	1

	DEFAULT.IDE: 131,	idaho,	idaho,	car,	IDAHO,	IDAHO,	null,	richfamily,	10,	7,	0,	255,	0.680000

	CARCOLS.DAT: 77,77, 77,72, 72,77, 45,77, 51,1, 66,1, 56,72, 12,77

Enjoy the car!
Credits: Rockstar games - Original Idaho for GTA3
		GTA LC Team for conversion of Idaho to Vice City
		Me for all changes to model and handling/carcols/default.ide lines
		Mista G and Greengiant for testing
		Suction Testicle Man for finding the solution to a huge problem

Copyright 2004 Kitteh. You can't release this as your own and 
you must credit me if you put it on your site. You may NOT mod this without permission unless it is 
for personal use only.

	And enjoy the car!!!

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