Here are is the BMW X5, a detailed and well made car that will replace the burrito with in GTA Vice City. Please note that it is highly reco...


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Here are is the BMW X5, a detailed and well made car that will replace the burrito with in GTA Vice City. Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files just in case you either do not like this modification or it messes up your computer.

Required Files IMG Tool V2

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Download 'ruslev_grunger_bmwx5.rar' (1.85MB)

::: BMW X5
Author			: Grunger aka Grungy Harry
Copyright (C) 2003 by Grunger. All rights reserved.
Please don't edit car without my permission.
If you would like edit or convert car to orther game, first ask me about permission.

ÇÀÌÅÍßÅÒ Burrito

  model - Grunger aka Grungy Harry (Russia)
  convert - RusLev for GTA VC (Russia)
  Special thanks for wheels and Other details -


In game should be necessarily established Dmagic1 WheelMod 3.0 (number 249), differently after
Installations of model game will not be started, well or other jambs will be:-).

For installation of model I recommend to take advantage of program GTA Mod Installer of version 2.1 or
More ( She(it) will allow to establish model easily and quickly.
For independent (manual) installation use or IMGTools 1.3

Necessarily do not overlook to alter Coll a file (burrito.col or rename if establish not in exchange burrito) with the help of program Collision Editor 1.1b (http: //
Without him(it) there is no guarantee of correct work of model of damage and a shadow under machine.


Now fans(amateurs) of dark glasses can make toning to the machine (any degree) 
It is necessary to take advantage only of program TXDTools.exe applied to archive
1. For this purpose open to it(her) a file glendale.txd
2. Press the right key on a structure white both choose Import\Texture and choose black.bmp (or can paint her(it) on the taste, somehow) - it you choose a degree of toning.
3. Then press the right key on a structure white and choose Import\Alpha to place a white structure white.bmp that glass became dark - it you choose dark or not dark glass.
4. Or on the contrary for the Structure to use white.bmp and in an alpha black.bmp glasses will be transparent.

II. 3 variants of equipment engines v6-3.0, and v8-4.4, v8-4.6 is
    And fillings of interior, and also white turns at model 4.6 is.



212,	burrito,	burrito,	car,	BURRITO,	BURRITO,	null,	richfamily,	10,	7,	0,	249,	0.850000

BURRITO       3500.0	2.40	5.70	2.50	0.00	0.00	-0.10	80	0.92	0.78	0.50	5	170.00	22.00	4	P	8.50	

0.50	0	30.00	1.10	0.20	0.44	0.30	40000	0.20	-0.08	0.50	0.50	C102	0	1

burrito, 1,1, 123,123, 121,121, 110,110, 120,120, 114,114, 0,0, 1,0, 123,0, 121,0, 110,0, 120,0, 114,0

On all questions address 
Or search at a forum 
Or in guest on a site



At use of all models issued by me, it is necessary óêàçàâàòü the reference to my site (,
And also on the author of model (Grunger) and the author (RusLev) convertings.
Too most it is necessary to do(make) at use of model as updating.

Special sanctions to use at performance of the above-stated conditions it is not necessary.

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