BrokenMod 0.8

This is a completely insaine crazy mod. But its hell of alot of fun :)


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This is a completely insaine crazy mod. But its hell of alot of fun :)

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About This Version (0.8)

Version: 0.8

Released: 3rd September 2020 8:42am


o Completed game stripped script.

 + No Hidden Packages.

 + No Rampages.

 + No Unique Stunt Jumps.

 + No Insane Stunt Bonuses.

 + No missions or sub-missions.

 + All clothing pickups.

 + All radar icons (of "good" people).

 + Bonus weapon pickups.

 + Bonus attributes (taxi jump, unlimited ammo, fast reload, never get tired , 250 health, 250 armor, fireproof).

 + Bonus mission objects (moneybags, shovel, damaged paintings, trophies in Vercetti Estate).

 + Bonus mission threads (rob the bank at any time, bodyguards (modded)).

o Absolutely invincible.

o Car totally immune (except to Rhino/buildings, of course).

 + Everything-proof, tires unpoppable, heavy car, doors lock.

 + Hold handbrake while stopped to unlock (to allow for passengers).

o To clear wanted level, hold "Look behind (Look left and Look right together)" for one second.

o brokenBoost: NOS-like boost (more like rockets), with blue flames and shaking screen. It's a very controllable boost.

 + Press the sub-mission button while in a vehicle to activate. Boosts progressively, lasts as long as button is held.

o Helicopter hover enhanced.

 + Hover button in helicopters should now act more "hovery," with less sinking.

o Game time passes in realtime, weather changes every 15 minutes.

o Various new parked vehicles in different places, some changed, some taken out.

o Speedometer and speed gauge.

 + Measures approximate MPH of the vehicle. Also shows how much of the maximum speed you are going at.

o I left a few surprises in Pole Position...

 + Originally inaccessible interiors now opened.


 o water-walking

 + wall climbing

 o  Press and hold the jump key for 3 seconds to get on the roof of a building directly infront of you.

 o  Never fall from bike

 +  Car unflip system

 o  Press sub-mission to flip your car.

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