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Here is a program that will allow you to edit the main.scm file that you can edit the mission data from GTA Vice City (this should work with...


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Here is a program that will allow you to edit the main.scm file that you can edit the mission data from GTA Vice City (this should work with GTA 3 and GTA San Andreas also, but this is uncertain). Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files, just in case either you mess up your game or you do not like this modification.

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1  What you get

1.1  Legal stuff

I take no responsibility for any persons use of the
mission builder in any way. Use it at your own risk.

Since this mission builder is based on others work and
since those other people made some rules about what their
work could be used for, I included some information about
that in the STUFF folder. You should read through these
files since some of them have some useful information
about using the IDE.

1.2  Included files

1.2.1  My codecreator

Use my CodeCreator program to get the world coordinates
of Tommy (or the player) in the game. More information
about the codecreator can be found in the readme file
for it.

1.2.2  My GTA VC GXT editor

Use my GTA VC GXT editor to modify the texts showing up
in the game. More info in its readme file.

1.2.3  Source codes

Source codes for mission mods and a discontinued
delivery man mission is included.

1.2.4  Stripped mission scripts

Stripped mission scripts are included. Use these to build
mission mods and missions on.

1.2.5  List of opcodes

The OPCODES.TXT file has all the opcodes used in the mission
script. It is in alphabetical order.

1.3  Version info

This version is NOT directly compatible with any source codes
earlier than version 1.0. Any source codes back to
version 0.13 can be converted to version 1.1.


2  Installation

Unzip to anywhere. Run 'ViceBuilder10.exe'. The first time
you run the program, you must specify where you installed Gta Vice.

NOTE! If you get an arrow with that hour-glass, you can still
use the arrow to set up the mission builder.

NOTE! If you don't have the PC version of Vice, copy the
'default.ide' and 'american.gxt' file from your Vice version
PS2 DVD to where 'ViceBuilder10.exe' is. You can not start
GTA VICE from the builder if you do this. The 'Compile % copy'
and the 'Compile, copy % Run' feature will be disabled if you
do this.

2.1  Starting the mission builder

Run 'ViceBuilder10.exe'.

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