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Here is the Dacia Logan, a detailed and well made car that will either replace the sentinel or any car of your choice within GTA Vice City....


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Here is the Dacia Logan, a detailed and well made car that will either replace the sentinel or any car of your choice within GTA Vice City. This car also inlcudes a detailed interior and many different colours to choose from. Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files just in case you either do not like this modification or it messes up your computer.

Required Files IMG Tool V2

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Download 'shinyg_dacialogan.zip' (2.96MB)

Dacia Logan v2 FINAL

by ShinyG (shinygogoo@yahoo.com)

1.Changes from v1:

-Completely redone damage
-Textured undercarriage, "engine", boot interior, etc
-Added to the interior: rear view mirror, sun-screens (whatever they're called), roof light (shitty texture),
seatbelts and seatbelts fasteners, pedals.
-Remade rims
-Smaller steering wheel that fits perfectly in Tommy's hands
-Smoother interior door-panels

-Added chrome to headlights, tailights
-New better central console texture (thanx to tazzz for it)
-Some other textures/bits of texture
-Credits go to Krystoff who converted the Ford Focus RSR from Toca to NFS4. I used some bits of this car's texture
for the undercarriadge and stuff.

Remade the collision file to better fit the car.
Some other changes I can't remember right now.

2.Little history:

(For those of you who don't know what Dacia is)

Dacia is a Romanian car manufacturer. It was founded in the '60s and produced cars under Renault licence. 
First it was the Dacia 1100, which was the Renault 8 Gordini body with a small 1100 cc engine. Then followed
the Dacia 1300 which was a Renault 12. This is the car that literally put Romania on wheels. The car is still
produced today with very few modifications (indirect injection, slightly modified body styling). In the early 
'90s the Romanian manufacturer separated from Renault and decided to continue on it's own. Thus the Nova was 
born. This car is suposed to be made on Peugeot 409 plans as Dacia was to be bought by Peugeot after the 
Renault separation. Peugeot didn't buy Dacia because it only wanted it's facilities to make Peugeot engines.
(These are only rumours, but the fact is that techincaly and esteticaly Nova really lookes like the 409).
Then Renault decided to buy back Dacia as it needed it to make the famous 5000 euro car that they wanted to build.
After buying Dacia, it released the SuperNova, which had a 1400cc 8 valve engine from the Clio. Later they made a
upgrade to this car calling it Solenza. This has the same engine but a newer gearbox, taken from the Megane II 
This year Renault and Dacia unveiled the Logan, the famous 5000 euro car. The 5000 euro bet is only partialy won,
beacause this car will cost 5000 in the extremly-low-range model which will be sold only in Romania. The 3D model 
I created is the top-range Logan Laureate 1.6 MPI. Take into consideration that Logan's sales start in september 
2004, so this is your chance to take is for a sneak-preview testdrive ;).

This week, sadly, the production of the Dacia Berlina and Break (Renault 12 base) models was stopped after about 
40 years of continous production. This was done to make room for the new Logan. This car will always remain in 
our hearts (and on our streets)!!! :((

Some technical data:
a. 1.4 MPI:
   -4 cilinders, 8 valve, 1400cc, 75 bhp.
b. 1.6 MPI:
   -4 cilinders, 8 valve, 1600cc, 90 bhp.
c. 1.6 16v will be released next year:
   -4 cilinders, 8 valve, 1600cc, 107bhp.
Gearbox: 5 speed.

More detailed info on www.daciagroup.com

3. Thanks go to:
  -tazzz for providing the official press release blueprints
  -all the guys at SMCars.net and VisualArt.ro forums for mental support, and those at gtaforums.com for showing me
how to properly set a car for VC
  -all the developers of the following programs:
  - Krystoff for some of the small textures (read the changes)

4. Program used:
  -gmax for most of the model making
  -3dsmax6 demo used to bake the texture
  -3d exploration for converting
  -the all-mighty Zmodeler
  -GTA tools: colleditor and coll io, txd builder, car color editor, gta vice city car editor, img ed.

I also used some camhak to take screenies and Delfi's awesome Dev Console to spawn the car instead of lookin
for it! :))

5. Installing:
  I suppose this isn't the first custom car you install and therefor you should already know how to install it!
  Of course you'll need Dmagic1 wheel mod installed before installing this car!

6. Text strings:

135, 	sentinel, 	sentinel, 	car, 	SENTINEL, 	SENTINL, 		null,	richfamily, 	12, 	7,	0,		249, 0.75

SENTINEL        1000.0 2.00 4.90 1.60 0.00 0.20 -0.4 75 0.95 0.80 0.55 5 200.00 27.00 F P 10.00 0.53 1 30.00 1.50 0.13 0.20 0.20   7500 0.15 -0.01 0.50 0.50 0000003 1 1

A new setup faster and all that, could be considered a Logan 1.6 16v (the real 1.6 16v will be released next year):

SENTINEL        1000.0 2.00 4.90 1.60 0.00 0.20 -0.4 75 0.95 0.80 0.55 5 200.00 45 F P 6.1 0.53 1 33 1.3 0.10 0.20 0.20   7500 0.25 -0.01 0.50 0.8 0001003 1 1

  a:custom colors:
233,20,38 # 111 Userdefined color
250,250,250 # 112 Userdefined color
24,32,68 # 113 Userdefined color
178,22,38 # 114 Userdefined color
165,187,184 # 115 Userdefined color
1,126,193 # 116 Userdefined color
2,50,49 # 117 Userdefined color
0,105,151 # 118 Userdefined color
42,82,47 # 119 Userdefined color

  b: specific car color line:
sentinel, 1,0 111,0, 112,0, 113,0, 114,0, 115,0, 116,0, 117,0, 118,0, 119,0

7. Custom .col file included in archive. Remade in this FINAL version!

I am in no way affiliated with Rockstar games, Dacia or Renault. These files are provided "as is".
This car is my work and I ask you to respect it. Anyone who wants to modify this car is welcome to email me at shinygogoo@yahoo.com.
Please include in the email what you are going to do with the car and I will see what it can be done (I won't give it to you to make
some rice style modifications).

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