Dodge Charger "The Dukes"

Here is the Dodge Charger "The Dukes", a detailed and well made car that will either replace the sabre turbo or any car of your choice wit...


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Here is the Dodge Charger "The Dukes", a detailed and well made car that will either replace the sabre turbo or any car of your choice within GTA Vice City. This car was seen in the Dukes of Hazard. Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files just in case you either do not like this modification or it messes up your computer.

Required Files IMG Tool V2

This car was created by Yazu, and converted by Makis Tsilimigras

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DUKES model for GTA: Vice city
Original Design:	Yazu (
Modified:		Makis Tsilimigras (
Category: 	Shoot'em Up
Updated:		07/04/2004

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Package Information:
This Zip File ( the following files:

Car chases, jumps and manic manoeuvres...hmm, that sounds to me like two things: Playing GTA or watching the old classic tv show "The DUKES of Hazzard". Well, now you can have them both at the same time!
Go to "Sunshine Autos", near the airport, and you'll find the unique DUKES car in the showroom. But, be carefull, this car is far from an antique. It rides like a crazy m****rf****r and will do the stunts you've always wanted a car to do. Getting jump bonuses hasn't been easier! Hey, the car is so nuts that you can even jump off from another car!!!
Try it, you won't believe it. After all "Vice City" is a tribute to the 80's and I watched a lot of "DUKES" back in the 80's...So, have fun.

- Specially edited .col file to make better jumps.
- Fly off to rooftops you can only access by air (heli, plane)
- The trademark "01" on the sides and the south american flag on the top of the car.
- Greater jump bonuses and easier unique jumps.
- Live the experience of being a true DUKE while all police is chasing you!

Install Instructions:
tools needed
- IMG tool
- Note pad 
- Collision File Editor
- GXT Editor

NOTE: these tools are easy to find in any major GTA fan site, for example you get it here:

1)  Open IMG Explorer and click Open. Browse to your GTA Vice City Directory, select gta3.img in your .\models folder. Scroll down to find "sabretur.dff" and "sabretur.txd" (use the find feature). You can backup them if you like by renaming the files or exporting them in a folder on your hard drive (ex. remane sabretur.dff to sabretur.dff.bak or export and delete the files from the list). These options are revealed when left-clicking on a name on the list. Import the new "sabretur.dff" and "sabretur.txd" files from this zip file.

2) Open handling.cfg which is in your vice city .\data folder with notepad, find the line that begins with "SABRETUR" and replace it with this: 

SABRETUR       1800.0	2.10	4.50	1.60	0.00	0.20	0.10	70	1.05	0.78	0.50	5	220.00	39.00	R	P	10.0	0.52	0	33.00	1.30	0.13	0.30	0.20	77000	0.30	-0.20	0.50	0.40	3009901	1	1

- Save and Close Handling.cfg

3) Open default.ide which is in your vice city .\data folder with notepad, find the line that begins with "206" and replace it with this: 

206,	sabretur,	sabretur,	car,	SABRETUR,	SABRETU,		null,	ignore,		10,	7,	2ff0,		239, 0.800000

- Save and Close Default.ide

4) Installing the Collision File (sabretur.col): Backup vehicles.col, which is located in vice's .\models\coll folder. Open up the vehicles.col file with Collision File Editor. Find the sabretur model, select Replace, and select the sabretur.col that is included in the package. Save the file, and select yes to the messages.

5) OPTIONAL - Changing the car's name: Open GXT Editor, find american.gxt which is located in vice's .\text folder and select Load. Scroll down the RIGHT of the two windows until you reach SABRETUR. Double-click on it and replace "Sabre Turbo" with "DUKES car" (or whatever else you like as a name). Click Save, then Exit.

6) Load the game! Go to "Sunshine Autos" showroom to find the DUKES car. But don't worry, you don't have to go there EVERY time. You can always get the  car by typing this simple code while playing the game: GETTHEREFAST

7) Enjoy the crazy jumps and manoeuvres :)

07/04/2004	More corrections in readme file 
13/02/2004	Made corrections in readme file 
12/02/2004	Initial Release
19/12/2003	Started project

Thanks to:
All of you who downloaded the game mod and are using it.
Every GTA website that were kind enough to upload the game on their site.
The creators of Zmodeler and tools for GTA modding.

Thank you for using our software.

K&D Interactive - 
Alternative Software Company & Online Services
Copyright 2004 - All rights reserved

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