Here is the DUCATI MONSTER, a detailed and well made bike that will replace the PCJ 600 within GTA Vice City. This bike also includes multip...


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Here is the DUCATI MONSTER, a detailed and well made bike that will replace the PCJ 600 within GTA Vice City. This bike also includes multiple colours as mentioned in the readme. Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files just in case you either do not like this modification or it messes up your computer.

Required Files IMG Tool V2

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Download 'frazprg_ducatimonster.zip' (1.75MB)

--------DUCATI MONSTER------

Scratch made by: Frazprg

This is a custom Ducati monster Modeled by Frazprg and tested (including creative
imput and textures) by theDude420.

This is a teaser for the Resident Evil mod. Members include TheDude420, Frazprg, and 

thedude20 here, hi im butting in on the read me.

frazprg isnt good at doing read me's so i told him i would do it for him. the first part before this is his words not mine though.

you all can thank me i helped out with alot with the textures for the bike, i found them and put them together. 


anyway i wanted to tell you guys this thing runs good with the defult pcj600 handleing and collision.

if you want to try out a funner handleing line try this line here. you all might know it from killerkips full converion mod. 
i use the handleing alot with it and i thought you guys might like it too.

BIKE           500.0	0.80	1.80	1.20	0.00	0.05	-0.09	103	2.00	1.30	0.48	5	400.00	80.00	R	P	25.00	0.50	0	35.00	0.85	0.20	0.30	0.15	10000	0.15	-0.16	0.50	0.00	10102	1	1

also here is the defult.ide line for you people that need one for what ever reason.

191,	pcj600,		pcj600,		bike,	BIKE,		PCJ600,		bikes,	motorbike,	10,	7,	0,	16,	0.670000

here is some custom colors frazprg dropped down for you all too.

2,2,147				# 95 richblue	
131,7,1				# 96 candyapple	
189,194,1			# 97 Yellow
112,4,119			# 98 Grape
3,63,7  			# 99 johndeer

pcj600, 95,0, 96,0,  97,0,  98,0,  99,0,  77,0, 0,0


to install: find a damn tutorial and learn how to.

if you dont know how to install a simple vehicle mod thats real real sad.

i dont mean to be an ass really, but i dont have time to put in some long drawn out install instructions.

if it really means that much to you to put this in game and you wanna learn how to go to this link here and make a topic about it. 


when at http://www.gtaforums.com/ "do not" and a repeat "do not" go to the showroom and ask, no one will care and you will be flamed by fellow members and your topic will be locked by a mod. do it in the forum i sent you to and only ask there.


legal stuff: anyone is allowed modify this bike if you like, we just ask one thing that you put credit to "Frazprg" as the origanl creator in the read me if you release it.

feel free to host this on your site if you wish just put "frazprg" as the author of the bike.

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