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Here is the F-22 Raptor, a detailed and well made plane for GTA Vice City, this will either replace the skimmer or any other plane of your c...


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Here is the F-22 Raptor, a detailed and well made plane for GTA Vice City, this will either replace the skimmer or any other plane of your choice within GTA Vice City. Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files just in case you either do not like this modification or it messes up your computer.

Required Files IMG Tool V2

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Download 'grandtheftuk_f22.rar' (1.1MB)

Thankyou for downloading the F-22 Raptor Mod Version 1.1 for GTA: Vice City, by Seb Partlett (grandtheftuk)
This mod replaces the skimmer.
Feel free to put this mod on your site, provided this readme is left in the rar file. 
Feel free to mod it in any way, provided credit is given to me for the original model.
This is my first completed model, so don't expect to be perfect, and I'm not an artist, so the texture isn't very good. I'd be very pleased if someone made the texture better, feel free to try. This is a F-22 Raptor mod for GTA: Vice City. It was made in ZModeler (http://www.zmodeler.com) and the texture made in MS Paint. It contains 5 different textures. There are 4 camo jobs (artic, desert, jungle and normal) with a registry on it (88 so it looks the same on both sides) and the other has some tail art from the icon for F-22 Raptor by Novalogic (http://www.novalogic.com). Look at the picture included to see what they look like. The model was originally made for the tail art, so the registry is not perfect. 

Install instructions:
0) Choose which texture and dff you are going to use (see read mes in model and textures folder) you are going to use Extract the required TXD and DFF to anywhere (so long as you can remember where :P).
1)Backup your GTA3.IMG (.../models)
2)Open up your IMG editor and open GTA3.IMG
3)Find skimmer.txd and skimmer.dff and rename them skimmerorig.txd and skimmerorig.dff (or whatever you want to call them).
4)Add the files you extracted. If anything is not called skimmer change its name to skimmer.dff/txd. Rebuild the archieve.
5)Close your IMGedit and open handling.cfg (.../data) (remember to back up)
6)Replace the seaplane line with:

SEAPLANE       5000.0	1.00	10.00	0.80	0.00	0.00	0.00	5	0.83	25.00	0.50	1	200.00	1.70	4	P	0.01	0.05	0	24.00	3.00	0.75	0.20	0.50	10000	0.10	0.00	2.00	0.00	840004	0	1

This handling should make the skimmer faster and you can take off from land!
7)Save and exit. Play Vice City and go behind the film studios to find the F-22!

Un-install instructions:
Replace yur modded files with your backups
Remove the added files from GTA3.IMG and rename the originals and copy and paste original handling line from your backup.

What's new?
In Version 1.1
*Added a model with landing gear (I think it still needs some work).
*Added three new textures (arctic, desert, jungle).
*Overall shape more realistic.

Coming next version:
*Collision file.
*Probably better landing gear.

Known bugs:
When using the registry texture it is not aligned properly, can't be bothered to fix it as I use the tail art.
When looking right or left with a gun Tommy's hand sticks out the cockpit. Changing the scale to fit his hand in would make it look wrong in other ways.
When taking off fast from water you can sometimes go under. Press reverse to get out. Try steadily increasing speed with an analog controller to take off easier.
The interior doesn't have a floor (coming in next version).
Coll file isn't accurate. (Coming in next version)
If you find any more bugs please e-mail me at: evilskittletrainer@hotmail.com 

Contact information:
If you have any questions, comments or just wanna speak to me e-mail me at:


Oleg: for making Zmodeler
Spooky: For the IMGedit I used to put the files in game
Rockstar: For making a great game that is easily modded
Novalogic: For the icon used for the tail art

I am not responsible for anything that may happen to your game or computer after adding this mod. You add it at your own risk.
This mod is not made by or for Rockstar Games or Rockstar North. GTA: Vice City is a copyrighted product from Rockstar Games.

Seb Partlett (grandtheftuk)

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