Ford F1 Pick-up Truck 1952

Here is the Ford F1 Pick-up Truck 1952, a detailed and well made car that will either replace the bobcat or any other vehicle of your choice...


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Here is the Ford F1 Pick-up Truck 1952, a detailed and well made car that will either replace the bobcat or any other vehicle of your choice within GTA Vice City. Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files just in case you either do not like this modification or it messes up your computer.

Required Files IMG Tool V2

This car was convtered by Yo-Yo and DiCanio.

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--=One of the great models for GTA3 comes to Vice City=--

VC Ford F1 Pick-up Truck 1952 by Yo-Yo 

Creator: Unknown
GTA3 Converter: Yo-Yo
Date Released: 12th July 2002
Original GTA3 Readme attached

Converted to Vice City and Reflections Added: 
August 26th 2003 by DiCanio

GTA Mod Installer Script Included
VCMM Readme file is in the STUFF folder

This is one of my all time favorite vehicles from GTA3. It
was created by Polish Modder Yo-Yo as part of a whole series 
of wonderful vehicles. At the time his conversions were like 
a breath of fresh air as attested by the 250,000 plus 
downloads of his models.

The F1 comes with six different body styles:
Plain pick-up
Tow-truck with crane
Cattle truck with friendly cow in the back ;o)
Plumbers runabout
Garage hack 
and one with a farm worker sitting in the back reading ;o)

You can replace any two door vehicle of your choice though 
it's perhaps best to replace the Bobcat, as was the case 
with GTA3. Use the original handling line. 
This model uses the DMagic1 Wheel Mod - see the Wheel Mod 
Readme file in the STUFF folder.

Tools you will need:
IMG Tool v1.3

for auto install:
GTA Mod Installer -

Install Instructions:
Open you GTA3.img file, which is in your DATA folder of the
Rockstar directory, and extract the Bobcat.dff & Bobcat.txd 
files to a folder on your hard drive. These will be your 
back-up copies in case you want to install the original 
Bobcat again. Now you can safely delete the Bobcat DFF & TXD 
files from your GTA3.img file.
Now add the Bobcat.dff & Bobcat.txd files from the Mod folder 
of this Mod to your GTA3.img file using the ADD option in the 
Commands menu of IMG Tool.
Remember to Rebuild the Archive using the Rebuild Archive 
option in the Commands menu of IMG Tool.

Default IDE entry:
Replace the bobcat entry in your Default.ide file, which
can be found in the DATA folder of your Rockstar directory,
with the following line.

152,	bobcat,	bobcat,	car,	BOBCAT,	BOBCAT,	null,	worker,	20,	7,	0,	249,	0.8

Recommended Carcols data:
Replace the Bobcat entry in your Carcols.dat file, which 
can be found in the DATA folder of your Rockstar directory,
with the following line.

bobcat, 14,0, 1,0, 2,67, 36,0, 46,0, 1,53, 53,0, 60,0

That's it :o)

Included with this release are any original files you will be 
replacing or modifying, DMagic1's Wheel Mod, PLUS the usual 
collection of goodly screenshots - with some original photos
of F1's and F1 models thrown in for good measure ;o)


This is a description of the original F1 design which was 
changed around 1952. Yo-Yo's model is a circa 1952 example.

The 1948 Ford truck line was the first completely new design 
from Ford after WW II. The styling of the body was fresh and 
crisp. The recessed grill area featured horizontal stainless 
steel bars and headlights. The fenders and body had a smooth, 
rounded, modern look. For the first time the windshield was 
one piece. The cab was longer, wider and taller, providing 
for much more interior room and comfort. A 95 hp 6 cylinder 
and a 100 hp V-8 engine were available with most buyers 
choosing the more powerful V-8 engine. Thousands of these 
popular trucks can still be seen either working on farms or 
displayed at antique auto shows or hot rod events.

As one original owner has said, after 50 years of use:

'It has the handling characteristics of a brick' ;o)


That's All Folks!

Have Fun!


August 26th 2003

Check whither your files are Read-Only. This is a common 
problem with Vice City. Grab this wee program and let
it change your Read-Only files for you with no fuss.

Just right click on the main Vice City dir after install 
and choose Clear Read-Only Attributes.

Tip of the Week:
For all you Modders out there - and there's quite a few! Take 
a look at cpmusicks GTA Mod Installer. Not only will it
install cars automatically in GTA3 and Vice City but it will 
also change the handling, default and carcol entries if these 
are included in the Mod! Pretty kool stuff. It will install 
other Mods too which require DFF or TXD replacement etc in the 
GTA3.img file, or indeed ANYWHERE in the Rockstar Games 
directory. It will save you quite a bit of work and anyone who
installs Mods on a regular basis will find the job easier if a 
Mod comes with an Install Script for the GTA Mod Installer. 
Grab it here: - :o))

Version 4 has just been released


Also check out VCMM

Which is roughly the same idea as the GTA Mod Installer

Game Play Tip:
Fed up with your car disappearing as soon as you turn your 
back? Just press the Exit button along with the Run button 
and the door will be left open when you leave a vehicle. 
Your car will remain just where you left it for a long 
time. It's an old trick but well worth remembering :o)

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