Gillig Phantom Sound Mod [6v92ta]



process [see orion v 6v92ta sound mod].Credit goes to ttmg.org for the recording of Suffolk Transit #8703, which is used in this mod.

This is a modification for the coach so that your vehicle sounds like an Orion V with a 6v92ta.What you need is the evil gta3audio tool. Make a backup, because it WILL mess up on you if you don't.Open up the tool, look for the sfx number that is in the zip in the SFX file. Export the sounds if you want to back them up.Replace sfx00395-00397 in the SFX directory. If you backed this up, just copy and paste your new modded bus engine to your original directory, and DONE!NOTE: THIS DOES WORK WITH VC-MP.

Required Files[url=http://www.gtagaming.com/downloads/gta-vice-city/tools/573]GTA 3 Audio Tool[/file]


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