Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City

This is the installer for Grand Theft Auto: LIberty City. This is one hell of a mod for Vice City that places the streets from Grand Theft A...


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This is the installer for Grand Theft Auto: LIberty City. This is one hell of a mod for Vice City that places the streets from Grand Theft Auto III right into your Vice City game? Well what does this mean, you ask...

Helicopters, Planes, Bikes, all the enhancements you found in Vice City, inside the GTA III world. Ever wanted to attack Marco's Bistro from an Apache helicopter? This is the mod for you! Now you can fly, die and ultimately have a whole new barrel of fun in the Grand Theft Auto III world!

The catch... ah well. Theres always a catch. You need Grand Theft Auto III to use this modification correctly. If you DO have GTA III, this is one of the best VC conversions out there. If you DONT have GTA III for PC, then, what are you doing without it?! Go to the store, now! Then download this great file :)

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Download 'gtalc_installer.rar' (62.57MB)

grand theft auto
liberty city
 You've been betrayed and left for dead. Now you're taking revenge, unless the
city gets you first. Mob bosses need a favour, crooked cops need help and
street gangs want you dead. You'll have to rob, steal and kill just to stay out
of serious trouble.

Anything can happen out there.
  Welcome to Liberty City, a Grand Theft Auto total conversion which aims to
reproduce the game world of GTA3 in Rockstar's updated GTA:Vice City engine.
The goal is to provide a playing experience as close to the original as
possible, but with the engine upgrade we now have the advantage of being able
to offer several extra features previously unavailable.

Motorbikes & Helicopters
Improved vehicle physics 
Advanced particle system 
Transparent water effects 
Rooftops with associated collision files 
Access to interiors used in the original game's cutscenes 
Original GTA player/pedestrian models featuring skeletal animation 
Several of these features will only become available with addon packs released
alongside the mod. This will allow those of you who intend on keeping the GTA3
experience as authentic as possible.
  gta3 intro movie conversion guide

The intro movies that came with GTA3 can be ported over to GTA:LC. Open your
original GTA3 /movies folder then copy GTAtitles.mpg & Logo.mpg into the
/movies folder located in your main GTA:LC installation.

gta3 radio station conversion guide

Conversion of the original GTA3 Radio Stations to the Vice City format is a two
stage process, from the original .wav format to .mp3, then on to the proprietary
.adf format. In preparation copy the following 9 files from your original GTA3
/audio folder to a suitable location on your hard drive:

CHAT.wav, CLASS.wav, FLASH.wav, GAME.wav, HEAD.wav, KJAH.wav, LIPS.wav,
MSX.wav, RISE.wav

Download dBpowerAMP and install to start the first stage of the process.

Click the dBpowerAMP shortcut to launch the program 
Navigate to the location of the copied audio files 
Drag a selection box around all 9 files, click Open 
Using the standard options click Convert>> 
The conversion process is highly dependant on hardware specification and will
take between 25-30 minutes if using a 2.0GHz equipped PC. The completed files
can be found in the same folder as their originals.

To begin the second stage you will need to download RAPTOR’s Audio Decoder,
this can then be unzipped to a location on your hard drive.

Double-click the AudioDecoder executable to launch the program 
Click MP3->ADF and navigate to the location of the target files 
Drag a selection box around all 9 target files, click Open 
Browse to a location where you would like the new files to be created, click OK

This process is far more rapid than the first, the new files being created in
about a minute or so.

It is assumed that Radio Station conversion will have been carried out as
onscreen text during gameplay has been altered to reflect this new set of audio

To complete the process please rename the files in the following manner, once
this is done they can be added to your GTA:LC /Audio folder overwriting the
files already present. 
chat.adf -> wave.adf 
class.adf -> flash.adf 
flash.adf -> emotion.adf 
game.adf -> vcpr.adf 
head.adf -> wild.adf 
kjah.adf -> kchat.adf 
lips.adf -> vrock.adf 
msx.adf -> espant.adf 
rise.adf -> fever.adf 
 The GTA3 Police radio channel can also be transferred by using dBpowerAMP to
convert police.wav from your GTA3 /audio folder into police.mp3. This file can
now be added to the /Audio folder in your GTA:LC installation directory.  
  Available Mission Information
The list of missions at time of release includes:

4x4 Offroad Challenges
Patriot Playground
Multi-Story Mayhem
A Ride in the Park

Marty Chonks
The Crook
 Additional Information

The PCJ600 & Hunter spawn shortcut is Sprint + Target. This keyboard
combination can be used to provide access to any part of the Liberty City map
at a moments notice.

The recommended setting for Streaming Memory is the default 45, a setting
higher than this will cause undesirable framerate hits in certain areas of the
 For regular news & updates to this total conversion please visit our forum -  

 grand theft auto : liberty city team

Demarest - forum moderator, team coordinator, coding, some graphics, some
mapping, car & weapons schedule, text 
PineCreek-Skidz - GTA:LC files creater, mapping, textures, water, environment 
killer.ip - forum moderater, co-leader, mapping, textures, audio, data
compilation, planes, text, collision files, documentation 
Knux - ex-WO, co-leader, paths, cars 
Hammer83 - graphics, coding, tooling 
MarkPagliaro - modeling, textures, planes, peds 
CraigKostelecky - cars schedule, textures, GXT Conversion 
Smithers2 - web support, paths, file conversion, official installer 
kipo - paths, planes 
ModelingMan - peds, modeling 
crazydude - ex-WO, cars, skins 
Opius - team graphics, mod support 
[4D]Outback - water, icons, audio, textures 
roger1079 - textures, unofficial installer(s) & support 
spaceeinstein - DAT files, bug finder 
ghost of delete key - mod support, environment 
jcab42 - mapping, mod support, expansion support 
Aztlan - audio, mod support 
ghost_master2000 - tool support, mapping 
Run down that guy!! - contributor to original GTA:LC files 
wnuczek - mapping 
Boombot - graphics 
Delfi - Dodo conversion help 
madbitch - skins, textures 
Hollower - environment, mod support 
ST.MU - models, environment 
Cerbera - handling 
Calzinger - hosting 
bug finders/reporters 

GT-1, karlneil, TheAnswer, largopredator, SteveM, freakin@, Lix, madguy, GTA

GTA:Liberty City is a Work In Progress and does not reflect the quality of the
finished product.
GTA:LC is in no way affiliated with Rockstar Games or Rockstar North. Grand
Theft Auto, Liberty City, Rockstar, Take Two Interactive & Rockstar North are
copyright of Rockstar Games, Rockstar North and Take Two Interactive. © 2004.

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