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Grand Theft Auto: London is a Vice City modification, an accumlation of years of work, designed to make Vice City more like, well, london en...


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Grand Theft Auto: London is a Vice City modification, an accumlation of years of work, designed to make Vice City more like, well, london england ( :) ). Now the first thing, this still feels like Vice City, however it makes vice city feel, very british. Heres a line up;

-16 new cars, most made specifically for this mod -New police uniform for player and actors -Xenon's BBC Mod -Cocanuta's Warner Brothers' Mod -Dozens of textures changed, including tarmac roads (with white lines), London fire truck and ambulance, and Tesco shopping bags

My favorite change? Gotta be the BBC Helicopter (below). One thing i'd like to see though is a Sky News helicopter (heck, they exsist ;) )

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Download 'gta_london.rar' (7.89MB)

by Xenon

Written for GTA London v0.2
Please note that this tool is not ours, and has not been edited by us

1) load the imgtool.exe - just double click it

2) load your archive
once the tool is loaded, go file/open
 browse to your Vice City installed files, usually located at:
           c:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\

go into the models folder, and open gta3.img

3) Press F2 to search for the one you need (eg cop.txd)

bear in mind there may be two of the same thing, one might be a texture file (cheetah.txd) and one might be an object file (cheetah.dff).

4) Delete the existing textures/objects for the ones you are replacing

DO NOT USE THE REPLACE FUNCTION - it doesn't always work

On some objects you only need to replace the txds, so don't delete ambulan.dff for example, because only the texture needs to be replaced.

If you look in the bottom right corner of IMG TOOL, you will see it shows how many files are in the gta3.img archive. There should be 6043 in a full healthy archive. After you have deleted the 52 files from the archive in GTA London v0.2 installation, there should be 5991. Any less and you have deleted too many, any more and you forgot to delete one.

3) when all the textures and objects that you don't want are deleted, add the new ones.

Simply go commands | add, then browse to the IMG directory of your unzipped GTA London mod, choose the one you wish to add (in the order they appear is best) and click OPEN

It may be tempting to just add all of them at the same time, however this has been linked to problems with the result when you get ingame, some may be incomplete. This may be a bug with the mod, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Just add them one at a time. There are 52 IMG files you need to add for GTA London v0.2 installation, so it shouldn't take you too long

4) Verify your archive

Look in the bottom right-hand corner again and check that there are 6043 files in the archive. If there are too few, go through them all and make sure you haven't missed adding any, or deleted too many. If you have too many, thats simple enough to replace. If you haven't added enough, add it again, but be warned you may end up with multiple copies of a file with the same name in the archive, which could mess up your game - be warned IMG TOOL does NOT have a "do you wish to replace" function. If you find you have deleted too many files, they are not recoverable unless you have a backup (in which you can open the backuped archive, extract the missing one, and add it to your current one, or just delete your current one and use and rename the backup instead) If you have lost it, then you should reinstall Vice City again and start installing the mod from scratch, but keep a backup of gta3.img and gta3.dat

WARNING: when backing up gta3.img ALWAYS make sure gta3.dat is kept together with it. GTA3.DAT is needed for gta3.img to work. If you lose it you may have to reinstall Vice City and lose all your installed mods.


If i've missed anything out, let me know on

Better instructions are probably availible elsewhere

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