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Here is a newer version of the GTA State of Liberty modification for GTA Vice City. This mod is designed on an enhanced version of GTA Vice City engine with some of the functions taken from GTA San Andreas. Some of the Functions included from San Andreas such as the ability to swim, crawl and climb.

This modification is only a beta at the moment, the main goal of this project is to put all cities of San Andreas, Liberty City (GTA 3) and Vice City into one single map. Included within this project are seven online game modes including Co - op missions (with AI Pedestrians), Tag Team, Death Match, Stunt and Capture the Flag.

Not only does this map add the Liberty City areas to vice city, this also adds more areas including Washington State , capital island along with San Andreas, Waterfall Island and GTA Rally Island to GTA Vice City. Although at the moment San Andreas isn't included.

Please note it is highly recommended that you either back up GTA Vice City or you may have to reinstall the game.



GTASA-LVC/State of Liberty ©2006 (GTA-SOL.beta0.5.42b) Keith C (Mc-Kay)

$VER: GTASA-LVC ©2006 0.5.42b (Map version 5) (07.03.06)

Email: [email protected]



irc.gtanet.com:6667  #gtastateofliberty or #gtamodding.

Locations for Download: GTAGarage and GTAWIP

---Welcome to GTASA: LVC------------------------------------------------------------------


 This the Beta version is for everyone, Please follow the install process below if you want to install the mod manually.

 Otherwise unpack the archive over your freshly installed GTA folder and your ready to run the GTASA-LVC.exe

 Make sure you have the latest DirectX 9.0c.

 For the SA-Hud to work, disable the in game hud on the menu display options.

 Note: Change log below.

---DIY INSTALL-----------------------------------------------------------

1: Install A new version of GTA-VC. (This will be the base of this beta mod).

    Important: Copy the Audio folder from your Play_Game_Disk (Disk 2) into 
    your C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\ folder.

Ie: Note: Your installed GTA VICE CITY FILES are write protected (Read-Only), 
    before you install this mod change the "read only" attribute of all Files 
    in the *\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\ directory.

2.  Next copy the contents of the following files below: from the 
    mod into your \Grand Theft Auto Vice City\ folder and the following files 
    to the respective folders notated below.

    movies  --> \Grand Theft Auto Vice City\movies\
    models  --> \Grand Theft Auto Vice City\models\
    skins     --> \Grand Theft Auto Vice City\skins\
    TEXT   --> \Grand Theft Auto Vice City\TEXT\
    txd        --> \Grand Theft Auto Vice City\txd\
    data      --> \Grand Theft Auto Vice City\data\
    mss      --> \Grand Theft Auto Vice City\mss\
    icons    --> \Grand Theft Auto Vice City\icons\

3.  New dlls come with this mod and the GTASA-LVC.exe patch, You will need to 
    run the GTASA-LVC.exe instead of the GTAVC.exe. 

    Do not delete the original GTAVC.exe file. 

4.  That is it!, I have supplied some extras into this mod, that can be
    found in the Extras folder:


1.  Mafia Sentinel ported from GTALC.

2.  Radarfix. (Not needed in this version)

nt. This cleans the off-set map radar, Just delete all the radar files in your 
    GTA3.img file, and replace with the ones in Radarfix.rar.

    More Extras will follow with updates as this project progresses.

---To be installed at your own risk.--------------------------------------------------------


This Mod is classed as Work in progress;

To be installed at your own risk.

Please report the bugs your find at GTA Forums:

There are some known problems with vehicle collisions, that are being 
worked on, try not to flip your vehicle or hit a police car.

Please try and not post all the bugs at once. :D

This mod may not work with other mods as all the X, Y and Z cords have 
been changed.

This mod will not work with any other (No-Cd) patch.

This is only designed to with the official copy of the game, with the 
Original (GTAVC.exe) installed first!!!

Change Log:

05/03/06: MML fixes for road connections and building positions.

01/03/06: Added the LC paths converted by DeathSquad, these will not
    work until I fix the bug this vehicle spawning.

28/02/06: Planned Pub-release. Beta41 Map version 5.

27/02/06: DeathSquad's Tunnel System, Downtown Liberty City Opening 
    Finished, a work in progress from LC to VC.

    GTA-IPLHACK.rexx and GTA-DS.rexx

To Do List:

Craps loads to be done, will update this file again soon.

Main.scm	object positions.


Coll Dat.

Textures to be added to replace to ugly temp (mockup) buildings.

On a Mission:

State of Liberty is a new game in development, an addition to the GTA series created by modders for GTA fans. 
The game will be running on an enhanced version of the VC engine with a lot of functionality taken from SA and 
a lot of new ideas added to improve overall game play such as the player/actor being able to crawl and climb.

Our goal is to place Liberty City and Mainland Liberty with the Statue of Liberty North, Vice City to the South 
of the map, Washington State and Capital Island that is based on Washington DC, SA will be midway in the 
middle of the map with waterfall island and GTARally Island nearby.

One of the other important goals is creating a storyline and coding this and some game play features that will make
this game even more enjoyable. We are now in the process of creating a storyline as well as 7 new online modes.

Land needed:

62 Square pieces all shapes and textures, Wooden timber objects (all different lengths),
Stone blocks, Bricks, Tiles and Paving stones. (Be creative), must be small and detailed. 
(These objects be for the random map mode.)

Buildings needed: Fire Station, Police Dept for Mainland liberty, hospital and 40 others 
buildings consisting of houses and flats.

Kind Thanks: (Credits and contributions)

We Credit

Mick T	          IPL/IDE Renaming and Cords Scripts.

Steve-M	   	  The Col Renaming Script.

Mark              Kind use of Fun Island and the Speed Island mod

Also......        LazioFreak, Magix, and BhaaL. 

Jonny52002	  Kind use of the GTA Rally mod.

Also......	  spaceeinstein and TRN.

Andy80586	  Coder, Mapper and Game Hacker

Odie 		  Pending permission for Statue Of Liberty, Who do we ask?
       		  Note: Adding something in remembrance.

Delfi		  Developer Console, Data Tool, and TXD workshop.
       	          (www.GTAtools.com - Tools used in making this mod)

Kam               Our progress made possible by Kam's scripts created for 3Ds ax. 

PatrickW	  Allowing us to use the train SCM code.

Craig Kostelecky  The GTA: LC Team, Assisting Teun with the LC Peds/Vehicles paths
       		  and allowing us to use the col files.

GTA State of Liberty Team.

Mc-Kay             Mapper, Coder, Conversion of the GTA3 Maps and Models to VC,
	           Creator of Mainland liberty 

teun.steenbekkers  SCM, Missions, Beta testing for SOL, Creation of models for both
	           MML and Western town. 

DeathSquad         Mapper, Coder
      		   Transportation Builder, Bridges and tunnels for Mainland Liberty. 

tux.coder          SCM coder, Mission Coder for SOL.

Wiredwizardz       Mission Leader, Modeller for Western town. 

Copyright 2006:

GTA3 and Vice City are sole property of Take 2 and Rockstar games.
Permission was given for this mod and new content within.

All new content is indicated within this projects documentation for copyright 


I'm not to picky over what site hosts this mod, as long as you ask for 
permission first and this README file remains with the zip archive.
Send me some feedback and your ideas.

Do not send bugs to Rockstar relating to this mod, Please follow the bug reporting 
process detailed within this READ ME. 


Keith C  aka  (Mc-Kay on GTAF)
              (X-Seti on other modding sites)

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