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Here is a modification that will add several new things to GTA Vice City, although this might be more for those that have already completed...


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Here is a modification that will add several new things to GTA Vice City, although this might be more for those that have already completed the game as parts of these would be classified as cheats. Firstly Tommy now has 255 health and armour, he also has inifite ammo and a fast reload so that he can shoot weapons at a fast rate. You can spawn cars, have nitros, change the colours of the car paint and many more items by the click of the button.

There are several other features for example, all the roadblocks and gates are now open, and a lot more missions. There are many more features that are listed in the readme, for those that want to give Vice City a new lease of life, try this modification. Please note as this modification overwrites the Main.scm file, it is highly recommended that you back this file up to save you from having to reinstall the game.

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GTA Vice City 3:16 v1.2b
Created by Viper187

Release Date: August 25th, 2004

Version History:

..I made it a bit harder to fall off bikes. This is my own variation on the "Steed Mod." Hold the key a little longer when you want off.
..Hit the Action key before the intro starts to skip it entirely. I've been plagued by that damn unskippable part in front of the Ken's office for far too long.
..Changed the Paint Car key from Look Behind to Radio + Horn and added a color scroller. Use Look Left/Right to scroll through the colors.
..Added Barton's Mission Starter. Hold the Camera key and press Strafe Left/Right to select mission, then press Action to start it. I'll fix the text display for this if I need to edit anything else in the GXT.

..2 new missions available at the ice cream factory when purchased. Colombian Caddy Carnage and Lost Luggage
..Infinite Ammo NOT the 100% reward, so the remote bombs should work. :)
..Improved player immunities a little
..RC NOS with Gas + Horn/Handbrake, and you won't send your Top Fun van flying while you're in remote mote.
..Spawn the last car model driven by pressing Crouch + Previous Weapon (Vice Cheetah and PCJ are ignored when keeping track of your last car)
..Fixed the bike check in the NOS so all the bikes work with the Horn button but not the Shoot button.
..Cleaned up a few things, took out the messages about the bridges being closed, etc.


I've been working on this stuff and testing most of it for a while now, and I thought I'd release it in case anyone else had my taste in mods. I intend to keep working on this and possibly try my hand at creating new missions. Requests and feedback are welcomed.


(You probably know this by now, but just in case...)
Find your GTA Vice directory. Put the new main.scm in your Data folder and the new american.gxt in your TEXT folder. Don't forget to make a backup in case you think my mod is total shit.

..New Rampages
..Tommy has all immunities, 255 health & armor, and he's ready to whoop ass.
..Infinite Run and Fast Reload enabled from the start.
..Button activated Air Brakes, Coords Display, Speedometer, NOS, Super Sprinting, Super Jumping, Car Painting, Car Spawning, etc.
..Any car you get into will gain immunities, locked doors, and heavy_car attribute.
..If your car stops on its roof, it'll be flipped back to its wheels.
..Roadblocks and gates are open.
..New rampage gangs - The Vercetti gang members and security guards will now appear for some rampages.
..Vigilante missions can be activated anywhere (except other mission vehicles).
..Vigilante missions don't have strange spawning after level 12 like before.
..Vigilante mission requirement is level 25 instead of 12.
..More weapons at your hideouts for hidden package collection.
..Most weapons you can collect/buy/get will give 30,000 ammo and the ammo count won't be displayed anymore.
..Missions are harder to fail (Lance won't get killed until you're supposed to kill him, Chopper in Phnom Penh '86 has immunities, etc)
..Kills required for the original 35 rampages increased
..Rampages can be redone as desired.
..Parked cars changed/added
..While in a cop uniform (after Cop Land) your max wanted level is 2
..While in Bank Job outfit (after The Job), your minimum wanted level is 2 and rampages will require double kills
..More stuff I probably forgot to mention.

..Hold Handbrake while in car to unlock for passengers
..Gas + Horn in any vehicle == NOS
..Gas + Shoot in any vehicle but bikes (while not looking to the sides or behind) == NOS - I just did this cause it's more convenient; plus, pressing horn to activate the NOS won't work too well in choppers (hover button).
..Reverse + Horn  in any vehicle == backwards NOS
..Radio + Horn in vehicle == paint car black
..Action Key/Radio + Target/Handbrake == Coords ON/Speedometer ON/OFF
..Target + Previous Weapon on foot == Spawn Vice Cheetah at Tommy's location and put him in it
..Target + Next Weapon on foot == Spawn PCJ600 at Tommy's location and put him on it
..Next Weapon + Previous Weapon on foot == Super Sprint ON / Superman (Super Jumping & Sprinting) ON / both OFF --Press Sprint to run super fast through buildings plus destroy any car/ped you run through, press Jump to activate a jetpack of sorts, and press Crouch/Target to turn Left/Right while in the air.
..Handbrake + Reverse (in air/flipped) == Air brakes

*Forward NOS boost will also fry anyone within a few feet of your exhaust when starting out. :-)
*Using NOS on a bike can allow you to fly anywhere, but turning is a little tough.

New Rampages:
36. Colt45 || 1102 Washington Street (97.7X, -794.0Y)
37. Golf Club || Leaf Links || In the small water hazard. Not the one with the hidden package, but the one beside it. (42.0X, 39.3Y)
38. Flamethrower || The blue building near North Point Mall || It's at the top of the blue ramp inside (used to be an armor pickup). (350.2X, 884.8Y)
39. Currently Armed || Starfish Island || Appears beside the front door. Whatever weapon you are carrying will be used, with the exception of unarmed. I couldn't get it to work without crashing, so I set it to Brass Knuckles instead. I don't know if it's because of the weapon ID (I don't bloody know it) or what. If anyone can figure it out, let me know. (-367.7X, -553.4Y)
40. Currently Armed || Starfish Island || opposite side of the door. Same deal as above, but you're destroying vehicles this time. (-389.2X, -552.6Y)
41. Machete || Malibu Club || It's around the left side. (454.4X, -63.0Y)
42. Uzi Drive-by || Ammu-Nation in Ocean Beach || It's inside the orange/redish building down the street - Vehicle destrucion (-66.8X, -1390.6Y)
43. Any Car || Down at the docks || It's on the opposite end of the porch where the Colt45 pickup is. - Vehicle destrucion (-233.9X, -1282.5Y)
44. Hammer || Avery's construction site || To the right of the entrance, in one of the squares. (263.7X, -309.9Y)
45. M60 || On the roof of VCPD in Little Havana || Vehicle destruction (-891.8X, -668.8Y)
46. M4/Ruger || On the roof of Print Works || M4 is used if you're carrying one; otherwise, it's Ruger. Vehicle destruction (-1095.2X, -260.4Y)
47. Sniper/PSG || The building Downtown with the elevator in it || It's on the lower roof. Go to the bottom of the stairs and look up. You should see it on the point of the building. - PSG is used if you're carrying one; otherwise, it's Sniper. -- Vehicle destruction (-477.0X, 832.9Y)
48. Chainsaw || Vice Point || It's inside the partially open gate down the road from Leaf Links. If you're in the air, look for buildings with a bunch of basketball courts in the middle. It's in the one corner. -- Vehicle destruction (468.8X, 220.4Y)
49. Nightstick || VCPD in Washington/Ocean Beach || It's in the basketball court across the street. (318.5X, -600.9Y)
50. Heli (Hunter/Sea Sparrow) || On the roof of the Ocean Beach Hotel || Vehicle destruction. (224.5X, -1279Y)


Big thanks to all who have written mods before me. I've learned a lot from Demarest, Brokenfish, Barton, and others. Some of my features are original, to my knowledge (I wrote them myself), and others are expansions/variations on others' work. The flying stuff is partly from Demarest's NEOv5 mod converted over by me (before I knew it had already been converted). I didn't go nearly as in-depth with it as NEOv5 though. It suits my purpose this way.

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