Honda Goldwing '92



Here is the Honda Goldwing '92, a detailed and well made bike that will either replace the Angel or any bike of your choice within GTA Vice City. Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files just in case you either do not like this modification or it messes up your computer.

Required Files IMG Tool V2



Honda Goldwing '92
For GTA: Vice City

Created by Dazla

This vehicle is only compatable with Vice City or GTA:LC

Package Information
This Zip File (HondaGoldwing.zip)contains the following files:
Goldwing Readme !Important!.rtf

General Information

Time to create:  2-3 weeks
Polies/Faces: 14,254


Installing as the Angel

1) Download IMG Tool from  http://www.gtagaming.com/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=62
2) Backup your gta3.img & gta3.dir files. They should be located in your \models directory. Right click on the gta3.img & gta3.dir files and click properties then De-select read only or you will not be able to add the vehicle.
3) Open IMG Tool and click Open. Browse to your GTA Vice City Directory, select gta3.img in your \models folder. Click Open Scroll down to find angel.dff or use the find feature (find feature only highlights the file so it can be seen clearly when scrolling manually) rename angel.dff to angel_orig.dff by selecting the file and clicking rename from the toolbar. Rename Goldwing.dff to angel.dff and add to the IMG.
4) Rename angel.txd to angel_orig.txd, rename Goldwing.txd to angel.txd and add to the IMG.

Installing the Handling 
1) Open handling.cfg which is in your vice city data folder with notepad, find the line that begins 'ANGEL' and replace it with this: 

ANGEL        1200.0	1.10	2.40	1.00	0.00	0.20	0.15	103	1.20	0.82	0.51	5	210.00	41.00	R	P	10.00	0.55	0	35.00	0.65	0.20	0.30	0.20	19899	0.09	-0.11	0.55	0.00	19998	1	0

2) Go down even further to find the line that begins with '! ANGEL' and replace it with this:

! ANGEL        0.100	0.050	0.300	0.062	25.000	38.000	0.945	1.300	0.700	0.100	12.000	-55.000	-0.006	0.500	0.300

Changing the name
1) Download ViceGXT from http://www.gtagaming.com/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=151
2) Find american.gxt which is located in vice's TEXT folder, click properties then De-select read only and apply.
3) Open the ViceGXT
4) Put this into the file bar: 
C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\TEXT\american.gxt
5) Select Load
6) Scroll down the RIGHT of the two windows until you reach ANGEL
7) In the bottom window replace ANGEL with Honda Goldwing
8) Click Apply, then Save.

Installing the Colour schemes
1) Open carcals.dat file, which is located in the vice/ data folder using a text editor.
2) Scroll down until you see this line:  
65,69,76		# 94 dark5		dark
3) After this line, add the following: 

85,0,0		        # 95 Gwing Red	        dark red
102,0,51		# 96 Gwing CandyBlackCherry        dark		
204,51,51		# 97 Gwing CandyRed                 red		
37,74,36		# 98 Gwing Green                       green		
117,72,85		# 99 Gwing Titanium                     silver		
150,120,0		# 100 GwingGold		        yellow

4) Now Scroll down until you see the freeway line.
5) Replace the line, with this
freeway, 95,95, 99,99, 98,98, 0,0, 97,97, 100,100, 96,96, 50,50

If there are already numbers 95-100, rename the numbers accordingly to your carcals colour schemes.

License Agreement

By downloading/using this bike you agree to the following license agreement:
1. This bike can only be used for personal, non-profitable and non-commercial way. It may not be used in any commercial product, sold or resold for personal profit.
2. The model is copywritten intelectual property. The model can not be modified and released in any form, for any platform or product without my (Dazla) explicit written permission. Same rule applies as to the one above.
3. If you see that this bike is stolen, or modified without permission, please notify me about it.

Thanks to

Everyone who took interest on GTAForums.com
The guys at GTAgaming.com
RockStar Games
RockStar North
GTA San Andreas
All the guys who make the tools to create this
Oleg M.
Sorry if ive missed you :/

Small issues
Because of the scale of a Goldwing, Tommy's animations are not correct, his legs go into the bike..it looks pretty crap, but it cant be helped :(

If there are any other issues which are serious, which arent listed above, please contact me, and I will try to fix the problem.

MSN Messenger & Email: [email protected]

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