Hummer H2 Deluxe Exterior Kit

Here is the Hummer H2 Deluxe Exterior Kit, a highly detailed and very well made car that will replace the Landstalker within GTA Vice City....


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Here is the Hummer H2 Deluxe Exterior Kit, a highly detailed and very well made car that will replace the Landstalker within GTA Vice City. This car includes a detailed interior that is well made as well as more than one colour to choose from within the game (you can either search for it or buy it). Please note that is highly recommended that you back up your files just incase this messes up your game or you do not like this modification.

Required Files IMG Tool V2

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Download 'flash_hummerh2deluxeexteriorkit.rar' (1.64MB)

Translated from Russian

Author: [email protected]

Complete name: Hummer H2 deluxe Exterior kit.

Designation: Model of automobile for game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Quantity of ranges in the model: 38000.

Date of reliza: 28.05.2005.

Installation: manual, instruction see below.

Replaceable in the game model: Landstalker.

Initial Internet- source :


to y.Vse copyrights to the program belong to its only author.

2.Lyuboy user has the right to use this archive free of charge for noncommercial purposes during the unlimited period.

3. Archive can be extended freely in that form, in which it is supplied.
No persons or organizations have a right to take payment for the propagation of the archive
without the written permission of the holder of copyrights.

4. Archive is extended according to the principle "as to eat". In this case it is not provided for
no guarantees, explicit or implied. You use it to your own risk.
The author does not answer for the losses of data, damage, loss of profit or any others
the forms of losses, connected with the use (correct or incorrect) of this archive.

5. You do not have a right to emulate, to clone, to pass to the lease, to give
for hire, to sell, to change archive. Any similar unauthorized use
it leads to the immediate and total curtailment
the actions of this license it can involve
criminal and/or civil pursuit.

6. Unpacking and use of an archive testifies about the agreement with given conditions

7. If you are not agreeable with the conditions of this license, then they must remove everything
the files of archive from all its of the ustroyof stv khrof aneniya of information and to refuse
from its use. The remaining not represented here rights remain for
by the author of this product.

8. If you want to convert, to modernize or to take detail from the model, then simply you izvestite me about this and we about everything will agree.

9. During the arrangement on its site it is compulsorily necessary to indicate the author, complete name, reference to home page, according to the possibility of skrinshot and the description.

Instruction on the installation into the game.

1. For the installation the following will be necessary by us: DMagic Wheel Mod (to establish modes to the installation of model); IMGTool (is opened file with dff and txd with files); Collision File Editor V1.1 (is established the physical model of machine, col).

2. We establish DMagic Wheel mod (if already it stands, then it is not must). We start program IMGTool. It is discovered file gta3.img (gta- hf/models/.gtae.img) in the field to find we write mesa and we press to find. We move away the old files landstal.dff and landstal.txd. Then klikayem to komandy/dobavit' and in the appeared list we select our new files, which must be preliminary raspakovanny to the working table. If everything is correct, then we shut program.

3. It is now necessary to establish col- file. For this with the aid of Collision File Editor v1.1 it is discovered file vehicles.col (gta- hf/models/coll) (file/load) then in the list we find landstal and we move away it (delete). After this, klikayem import we add our file landstal.col.Soxranкm file.

4. At the end of installation it is necessary to make tuning in three files, which are opened by notebook. These files are located in folder data. After opening file necessary to find our machine and to replace the existing tuning by those which they are given in this document.

Correct tuning of automobile. 


LANDSTAL       3000.0         1.90     5.00     1.40     0.00     0.00     0.10     70        1.11     0.50     0.53     4            165.00 14.50   4          P          7.17     0.51     0          37.00   1.39     0.09     0.20     0.40     10000  0.30     -0.10            0.50     0.00     440C00E         1          1


130,     landstal,           landstal,           car,      LANDSTAL,  LANDSTK,    null,      normal, 10,       7,         0,         249,            1.02


landstal, 1,1, 0,0, 12,12, 50,50 
This wheelbarrow was altered by me from my envelope Hummer H2 of NFSU2- i.e. in the essence this and is an envelope. These are the not entirely standard version of ispolneni4 simply small external modification Deluxe Exterior kit. Into it enter different of melochand the chrome-plated cover plates, the unit plates , etc., which make the form second Khammera somewhat more diverse. I hope to you it were pleased idea (although, if you its skachali, it means accurately it were pleased =) ) so that we place in the game and we go to be rolled!

Information about me.

Sanya aka [email protected], Bratsk, Russia.
My E-mail: XL_ , [email protected]
My ICQ: 203094247
My site:

On all emergent questions be turned on ICQ or e-mail.


Copyright © 2005 by [email protected]&.Trall. All rights reserved..:.:.GTR Motorz:.:.©

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