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This programe allows you to access and control images in Vice City/GTA3


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This programe allows you to access and control images in Vice City/GTA3

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Version 1.0
Build 1
Built 3rd August 2004

Created / Copyright © 2004 David Brennan

Welcome to IMG, with IMG you will be able to edit and control you .img archives with ease and precision.
IMG files are the storage files used by Grand Theft Auto 3 and Vice City to store everything from model files to collision and animation files.

IMG allows you to access and control these files via a simple and easy to user graphical interface.

For detailed information on the use and functions of IMG please select from the below categories.
If you have any trouble with IMG or require information that is not contained in this read me please contact me.
	Help and support
	Things you should know
	Update list
	Functions and features
	Keyboard shortcuts
	File format
	Future updates

	Things you should know

If the program refuses to run or gives you an error message saying that a component may be missing then you may need to update your system with the Microsoft Visual Basic runtime components. You can get them here.

When opening your .img archive you may receive prompt asking you if you want to change the read only attributes off. If you don't turn it off and you try and edit the archive you will receive a path file access error.

The img.ini file will automatically be created when the program runs for the first time. This file contains all the settings for the app. If this is edited by you the user and you make a balls of it then it could case the program to fuck up and that could damage you archive files. So please don't mess with it unless you know what your doing. Just delete

When viewing files you should know that files you want to view are temporary extracted and ran, if you have no program associated with that file then nothing will happen.

The move to the end of archive was created because a model must be loaded before the textures. This was a problem allot of people had and the solution was discovered by Opius.

File names have a maximum of 24 characters. If a file is added to the archive that is greater than 24 characters then it will be truncated.

When adding files to the archive texture files (*.txd) are added to the archive last.

If at any time you want to know what archive is open you can move the cursor over the status bar and the archive path will be displayed.
	Update list

.......-Increased speed of adding, viewing, moving, extracting and rebuilding by 95%
.......-Search speed and features increased and improved
.......-Search within collision and texture files contained within the archive
...... -Archive visualization improved with the adding of file type icons in directory listing
...... -Blank marker files can now be used to group files and improve visualization
...... -Archive reports can now be exported into HTML
...... -Names as well as extensions can new be converted to lower case
...... -Show me feature will instantly show listings of selected file types
...... -User can change read-only attributes of archive when opening
...... -Archive status is tracked allowing the user to rebuild if necessary
...... -When adding files IMG scans the archive for duplicates to prevent file conflicts
...... -File overwriting prompts added
...... -File deleting prompts added
...... -Adding file limits for both general files and texture files removed
...... -Multi-lingual support
...... -Check for updates and extra languages
...... -Drag and drop files straight into the archive
...... -Quick replace function allows you to replace groups of files in seconds
...... -Detailed help and read me file

.......-Increased the texture adding limit to 50
.......-Improved adding and viewing speed
.......-User can now pick line colors
...... -Rebuilt entire app from ground up

.......-Added the rebuild archive function
.......-Added the lower case conversion
.......-When adding files texture files will be added last
.......-Progress bars to indicate progress of actions being preformed
.......-General clean up of code and features

.......-Removed the limit to adding files to archive
.......-Fixed the rename function

.......-First official release
.......-Added the rebuild archive function
.......-Keeps record of last search

	Functions and features


As you could guess this creates a new archive.

Opens an archive. Ctrl + 0

Open recent
Keeps a record of last 3 opened archives so you can open them quickly.F1, F2, F3

Close archive
Closes the currently open archive. Ctrl + C

Reload archive
Reloads the currently open archive.

Closes the entire program down so you can go play pong.

Edit Menu

Double clicking or pressing enter (aka. return) will temporarily extract this file and open it. (See things you should know)

Select all
Selects all the entries in the archive.
Has sub menu allowing you to limit the selection to certain file types.

Allows you to search through the archive. The relevant entries will be automatically selected if it matches search criteria.Crtl + F

Find in files
Allows you to search through the texture and collision files inside the archive. Nice when your trying to find a door texture or such.

Insert marker
This inserts a blank file that can be useful when grouping files or working on large projects.

Lower case
Will convert the extension / name or both to lower case.

Archive check
Will scan through the archive and check for duplicates. Depending on amount of files in archive this can take time.

Show me
This will display all the files of the selected file type in a separate window

Save archive report
This will allow you to save a report detailing information about the archive in .txt or .html format.

Commands Menu

This allows you to add file(s) to archive. Crtl + A

This allows you to extract file(s) from archive. Crtl + E

Quick extract
Based on your last extraction directory this will extract the file(s) selected to that same location. F5

Delete selected file(s) from archive. (See things you should know) Del

Will let you replace the selected entries with another file. (See things you should know)

Quick replace
This will allow you to select a folder to replace all the selected file from

Allows you to rename the selected entries. Ctrl + R

Move to end
Will move the selected file(s) to the end of the archive.

Rebuild archive
This will remove deleted files from archive. Depending on archive condition this could take time. (See things you should know)

Options Menu

Any languages contained in the lang.ini will be displayed here.

Sort by
This will sort the archive listing by Name or Index.

This is all the archive visualization settings, show line colors and show grid lines, line colors may also be chosen.

Adding scan
When a file is added to the archive a scan is preformed to see if its already in the archive.
Scan options also available

Auto load last used archive
The last archive that was open when IMG is closed is automatically opened next time IMG is started

Confirm file delete
When you go to delete a file it will ask you if you are sure, if your not then ring a friend and ask him what you should do.

Rebuild prompt on close
This will track the state of the open archive, when you close the archive and it requires rebuilding you will be prompted to do so.

Associate with IMG files
This will make IMG the default application for opening GTA archive files.

Help Menu
Will open up your default web-browser and take you to USE OPERA

Updates / Languages
This will open up a webpage specific to the version of IMG you are using which will tell you if there are new updates or languages available for that version.

Readme / Help
Guess what your reading now!?

Little about box for the app.
	Keyboard shortcuts
Main interface shortcuts...
Ctrl + N 	Create new archive
Ctrl + O 	Open an existing archive
F1 	Open recent archive 1
F2 	Open recent archive 2
F3 	Open recent archive 3
Ctrl + C 	Close the currently open archive
F8 	Select all files in archive
Ctrl + F 	Search the archive
F11 	Insert marker
F4 	Converts selected file(s) extension to lower case
Ctrl + A 	Add file(s) to archive
Ctrl + E 	Extract the selected file(s )
F5 	Extracts the selected file(s) to last extract path
Del 	Deletes the selected file(s)
Ctrl + R 	Renames the selected file(s)
Ctrl + M 	Moves the selected file(s) to end of archive
F12 	Read me / Help

Search, Search in files and show me dialog shortcuts..
Select 	Highlights the selected file(s) in the archive listing
Extract 	Extracts the selected file(s)
Quick extract 	Extracts the selected file(s) to last extract path

Archive listing keys...
Page up 	Jumps to first visible file in archive view
Page down 	Jumps to last visible file in archive view
Home 	Jumps to the first archive listing
End 	Jumps to last archive listing

	File format

The IMG archives are made up of 2 files, the .img is the physical storage for the files in the archive and the .dir which is a listing of the files in archive, size and blocks used by that file inside the .img.
The physical archive is made up of blocks, each 2048 bytes. So even if a file is 1kb (1024 bytes) it still occupies 2048 bytes in the .img.

The .dir listing is.. offset - long size - long name - 24 char string Offset is multiplied by 2048 to get its actual offset and the size is the number of blocks it occupies, so divide by 2 to get it in kb.

First off thanks to you for using this tools, hope you get as much use out of it as i do. Thanks also to Rockstar for making such a brilliant game.

Some special thanks go out to Steve M for his constant testing, support and suggestions, he really helped me develop this project.
Thanks to illspirit for beta testing, suggestions and scary tattooed demon wenches

Thanks also go out to Demarest, Opius and Hollower for suggestions and features.

IMG Has been developed as a multi-lingual tool, so some major thanks go out to [-Akado-] for his french translation and to Steve M for his German translation of 805 lines of text used by IMG

Greetings to all the crew over at
IMG Contains 3 easter eggs,

By default IMG comes with language support for English, French and German.

You can add your own language if you need to, simply open the lang.ini file and create a new section.

A section is defined by [] brackets. So a new language sections would look like this [New section name] , then paste all the lines of text from one of the existing sections into the new section and translate them into the new language.

On startup IMG scans the lang.ini file and automatically adds and section name to the language menu.

If a line of text is missing then "settings error" will appear in its place.

If yo do create a new language translation then please e-mail me and it will be added to the updates list. Full credit will be given of course.

French translation was done by [-Akado-]
German translation was done by Steve M
	Future updates

IMG 1.0 does contain a load of new features and functions, some functions that i did want to add could not be done at this time, mainly due to time constraints.

The next version of IMG which hopefully be done in C++ will contain the following features..
.....-Shell integration
.....-Drag files from archive listing into folders (dropping files into archive is supported)
.....-Archive merge
.....-Multiple archive access
.....-File clipping on extract
.....-Pudding dispenser for illspirit


© 2004 David Brennan
IMG may be distributed on condition that all files remain intact and unedited.

I take no responsibility for any damage caused by this program, it is your responsibility to maintain backups of any files being edited.

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