Here is an Intracity Highway for GTA Vice City. There are 15 exits on the highway where you can join and use the intracity highway, detailed...


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Here is an Intracity Highway for GTA Vice City. There are 15 exits on the highway where you can join and use the intracity highway, detailed and well made models including bridges, the actual highway, toll booths as well as minor stunt ramps. This modification also includes traffic and pedestrians walking / driving on the highway as well as rest stops. This modification is highly recommended for those that want to travel between the areas of Vice City more easily.

Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files just in case you either do not like this modification or it messes up your computer.

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Download 'deathsquad_interstate420c.rar' (6.43MB)

    Copyright (C) 2005 Waterdeep Industrial Networks


		    VERSION  2.0

               Read-Me For All Versions


  I'm an Amateur GTA Modder, and I call myself that
because so many others have greater skills, but hey,
I make stuff I think is fun and let all share in my
insanity.  Took some CAD classes in high school, and
have vast computers skills.  I've ran and still run an
online game, non-graphical so no one would be interested
in it, unless you're a hardcore roleplayer or into text
based games.  I'm a computer junky, who enjoys his
hobbit leaf and creating...things.

  This item is property of DeathSquad Industries under
the banner name of Waterdeep Industrial Networks, (C)
2005.  These files are for use with Rockstar North's
Game Series, Grand Theft Auto (C) 2005.  These files
are for use AT YOUR OWN RISK, DeathSquad Industries
is not responsible for any problems that may arise
from installation of these files.  All files are free
of any "oddities" such as spyware, viruses and whatnot.

  Our modification files are available on our web site,
and are free to be posted on other hosting sites, with
proper credits.  Please notify us if you find our mods
listed under someone elses name.

2005 (C) Waterdeep Industrial Networks
2005 (C) Scary Clown Productions
2005 (C) Coca Cola
2005 (C) NTTS
2005 (C) VG Cats
2005 (C) Sam & Fuzzy

  Please give notification when posting this mod on
your own web site, and feel free to direct link to
my web server, I have plenty of bandwidth.  For
direct link you -must- give me notice via my forum
board, in case problems accure.

  You may contact us via our web site / forum board
system at http://DeathSquad.WaterdeepMud.Com

  This is a mod you could call a labor of love, started
a few years ago by me when Vice City was freshly new, I
wanted to create a highway such as the Illspirit and
Odie Intercity Highway for Liberty City.  Thus I began
to explore the world of mods.  To make it really short,
there has been two other versions of this mod released,
the original which was never actually put into the game,
and the second one, which the files were released and
attempts were made to complete it, sadly it died due to
memory issues and other problems.

  Interstate 420-C as it is known places an interstate
system around the city of Vice.  Originally it placed
a single loop around the first island of the city, but
has explaned to stretch around the entire map, along
with a whole bunch of other crap.  So...

[ Features ]

- 15 Exits to various locations on the highway.
- Scratch Built Highway Models
- Cloverleaf Traffic Circle
- Rest Areas
- Toll Booths
- Vehicle Paths & Peds @ Rest Stops
- Bridge Models
- Minor Stunt Ramps & Half Pipe

[ Credits ]

- Rest Area Buildings, Interiors & Trailers original VC Models.

- French marine fregate type F70 ASM by EGS, Also Available as
  a replacement vehicle, see GTAForums.Com

- Deathsquad Character Texture created by Unknown Source

[ Zones ]

- Exit 433: Reaper Island

  Reaper Island is home to Deathsquad Industries, more or
less where the interstate was constructed before being
placed in the city.  The island features three cement
mixers based on a real one at my place of work, several
small stunt ramps, a half pipe, the Deathsquad Building
which is home to the VC Gas Works, inside are four
generators connected to a substation outside.  The
substation has two lines running North to the end of the
islands and south into the foot of the Pastor Richard
Statue.  On one end of the island is Morningwood Cemetary.

- The Pastor Richard Salvation Statue

  This is the most noticed addition to Vice City, as it
dwarfs all other buildings and the map itself.  As talked
about on the radio by Pastor Richard, he finally got
enough funds to build it.  The model is simply the in
game model of Pastor Richards, retextured to look more
as a statue should (thanks Duder for the texture) and
sits on a pedistal.  There is no interior at this time.

[ Bugs / Problems ]

  As any of my projects nothing is perfect here, I have
noticed a few things, such as parts of the map sticking
up through on/off ramps.  I have done my best to remove
these areas, and so far I have only found two minor.  I
have repaired a crapload from previous versions, but you
know, you can only do so much.

  Parts of the interstate are angled to make it fit, which
in turns causes pieces to overlap.  Just think of it as
non-union work.

  Some people may experience problems with memory, this
mod has grown to be large, espcially with the newer
map pieces.  Some people have experienced problems such
as all car/ped traffic disappearing after a saved game,
and what seems like missing pieces of the highway.  All
I can say is that this mod is fully functional when it
was zipped up.  It has been tested with a modded version
of VC with Spaceeinstein's all in one Mod along with 32
custom vehicles ranging from low to high res.  I have
tested this mod with a clean version of Vice City, both
in the raw form and VCM Versions.  To my knowledge
everything works right, but in the world of modding
anything can happen.


  You -MUST- use Steve-M's VC Limit Adjuster which can be downloaded from, see installation instructions on how to use this.


- Spaceeinstein's All In One Mod (V2.0)

  For more information about this project, visit my web site.


2. Steve-M's VC Limiter

  This mod will not work on a clean copy of Vice City,
you must use Steve-M's VC Limiter to expand the memory
of the game, to allow room for this mod.  Its very easy,
trust me, instructions below.


1.  Place the i420.VCM file into your VCM/MOD folder.

2.  Download & Run Steve-M's VC Limit Adjuster.

3.  Select your GTAVC.EXE

4.  Change the IPL number (7000) to (9000).

5.  Save and close program.

6.  Run VCM, and double click the mod name.

7.  Play your game and hope to avoid instant death
    via the nuclear blast.


1.  Open up Steve-M's VC Limiter, and click the OPEN
   GTA_VC.EXE File button.  Locate your GTA VC directory
   which contains the exe.  Select your GTA_VC.EXE.

2.  The program will scan the data, when the task meter
   is done, several number slots will open up.  You want
   to change "BUILDINGS" to 8000.  Click SAVE.

3.  Open up your GTA3.IMG file with the IMG Tool, this
   file is located in your GTA:VC/model folder.

4.  Import the .DFF and .TXD files included with this
   zip archieve.

5.  COMMAND->REBUILD ARCHIEVE, and select yes.

6.  Place the "deathsquad" folder in this zip archieve
   in your GTAVC/DATA/MAPS folder.

7.  Open up the GTA_VC.DAT file located in your
   GTAVC/DATA folder, which can be viewed with MS-Note
   or MS-Wordpad.  Place the following lines inside
   this file, each line should go with the same group
   of file.

	IDE DATA\MAPS\deathsquad\i420.IDE
	COLFILE 0 DATA\MAPS\deathsquad\i420.COL
	IPL DATA\MAPS\deathsquad\i420.IPL

     Place the IDE with the other IDEs, COL with the
   other COL, and IPLs with the other IPLs in the list.

8.  Place the files in "Replacement IPLS" found in this
   zip archieve in the folders of the same name, found
   in GTAVC/DATA/MAPS directory.

	EXAMPLE: cisland.ipl go to GTAVC/DATA/MAPS/cisland
	EXAMPLE: starisl.ipl go to GTAVC/DATA/MAPS/starisl
	EXAMPLE: washintn.ipl go to GTAVC/DATA/MAPS/washintn

    These files will move several bushes and trees out
   of the way of the interstate.

9.  Play Vice City.
    Copyright (C) 2005 Waterdeep Industrial Networks
             [email protected]

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