Marina Car Park V3

Here is a modification for Vice City that will add a buyable Marina. Once purchased this will turn the Garage near the marina into that of a...


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Here is a modification for Vice City that will add a buyable Marina. Once purchased this will turn the Garage near the marina into that of a Car Park that can store 40 Cars in total (or planes, boats, helicopters if you can get them in there ;)).

This zip file contains the mod and a completed saved game file.

Please note that this file will overwrite the Main.scm file, it is highly recommended that you backup this file as NO SAVED GAMES WILL WORK with this modification. This will also save you from having to reinstall the game.

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Download '' (471KB)

Marina carpark Mod - release 3

This mod makes the Marina a buyable asset ($1000). Once you purchase it, 
the underground carpark is transformed into a fully operational garage 
where you can store upto 40 vehicles. The marina replaces the apartment
building across ken's office as a buyable asset.

For the rest, the game is completely original.

As with all main.scm mods, the save games are not compatible with the 
original, so you have to start all over. Backup your original savegames 
if needed.

- backup the original main.scm in your GTA:VC data directory
- replace the original main.scm with the new one.
- start GTA:VC and begin a new game

All feedback is welcome on either:
- vicecity mission-mods showroom
- email:

The following Issues were solved in release 2:
- The new marina save-point can now safely be used, also with a full garage
- Police-cars are no longer locked when placed in garage
- Secondary colors are now also preserved correctly
The following Issues were solved in release 3:
- Less random traffic on streets when driving cars out of the carpark

A couple of weeks after starting GTA mission-modding, I ran into the 
limitation of maximum 4 vehicles per garage, and only one spare 
garage ID left.
Therefor I tried to recreate the normal garage functionality with 
home-made scripting. This is the fruit of my work, and it works 
pretty well if i may say so.
The only thing that I would really like to add, is the preservation 
of special immunities of cars and car-variations, but the opcodes to 
sniff the immunities/variations for a vehicle are yet to be discovered. 

I'll donate this code to the gta modding scene. With proper credit 
everyone car use this code for their own projects. It allows you to 
build as many garages as you like (at a certain storage-cost), and 
to support as many vehicles as you like (at a certain 
storage/performance-cost upto 40 in each garage).
note: the engine seems only able to have loaded 40 car models at a time.

The source-code (BW's Vice builder v1.3 format) is available on request.

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